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Is Meghan Markle keeping Prince Harry from being a royal?

When Prince Harry first started dating Meghan Markle, it seemed like a royal fantasy come true. Their engagement seemed inevitable and their wedding was like something out of a fairytale. Many people watched from all over the world and saw a dream come true.

Sometimes, though, all that glitters isn’t actually gold and all that shines soon fades. At least, this was their relationship according to much of the British press. Gone were the days of gushing over how stunning Markle was or how lucky the prince was to be with her.

Seemingly overnight, the press was painting Markle as an almost Jezebel-like figure of seduction & mayhem. However, even a broken clock is right twice per day. It’s left many wondering if she’s the real reason so much has gone so very wrong around the once-idealized couple.

prince harry meghan markle royal

With candor

In the days following their marriage, the British grew increasingly hostile toward the couple. Their odd behavior was made even more apparent by how much it didn’t happen to Prince William or Kate Middleton. All the British Royal Family drama was behind closed doors, but not for long.

While Meghan Markle may have married Prince Harry, she was eventually no longer willing to carry royal secrets. She didn’t exactly start hitting up news outlets to use interviews to expose the BRF. No, she knew better than to make such an amateur move.

Markle has since taken the power of her truth to where so many have before her: podcasts. Archetypes is an audio platform she’s used to share intimate bits of her life while interviewing celebrities like Mariah Carey, Robin Thede, and Margaret Cho.

prince harry meghan markle royal

Infamous interview

Archetypes is Meghan Markle’s platforming for sharing herself, but it’s not the only time she’s gotten honest. In March 2021, she & hubby Prince Harry joined Oprah Winfrey in an exclusive interview on her time as a royal. It sent shockwaves through the world and even left people reeling at her experiences.

The Duchess of Sussex spoke openly about the misogynoir she faced. This exists at the intersection of misogyny & racism and leaves Black women suffering. Boy, did she suffer! She even brought up the time someone expressed concern over her son, Archie, becoming “too” dark-skinned as a result of having a half-Black mother.

This sort of behavior shook Markle to her core. It also left her deciding to stay for her husband or leave for her mental health. She ended up leaving and, naturally, her family followed. While Prince Harry could’ve divorced her and stayed, he chose to be with her.

prince harry meghan markle royal


The abysmal treatment Meghan Markle suffered after marrying Prince Harry wasn’t limited to royal spaces. The British press was encouraging people to see her as an antagonistic monster praying on the poor, vulnerable BRF’s kindness & generosity.

Sometimes, this was as small as her being confused with Serena Williams. On August 23rd, the Duchess invited the legendary tennis player onto her podcast. They discussed many topics, among which was the time Daily Mail confused them for each other. It made no sense as they are from completely different parts of L.A..

Other times, it was as big as Markle being made out to be villainous for doing the same things Middleton was praised for. Like the time the British press treated Middleton rubbing her baby bump as cute while accusing Markle doing the same as attention-seeking & vindictive.

prince harry meghan markle royal

Ever after

Just because a fairy tale couple encounters challenges doesn’t mean they aren’t meant for each other. In fact, one would argue their ability to weather storms together is a testament to just how strong their love is. Their willingness to make sacrifices for each other can only make them stronger.

Prince Harry’s birthright is being a royal and he compromised it to stay with Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex didn’t twist his arm and he’s not being held hostage. He’s chosen to stand by her side. He even willingly opened up about some of his own struggles during the Oprah interview.

Many question whether or not Markle is keeping the prince from his royal duties. Instead, they should question if his title is keeping her from living a happy life. Her joining the BRF greatly shifted her entire world. Regardless, though, they’ve both made a bed of love and seem more than happy to lie in it.

Do you think Meghan Markle is the reason Prince Harry is distant from his family? Or do you think she’s the real victim in all of this? Let us know your royal thoughts in the comments below!

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