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Prince Philip’s 100th birthday is coming up and Prince Andrew, Duke of York, isn't invited to the celebration. Here's a look at the royal family drama.

Is Prince Andrew Duke of York still invited to Prince Philip’s 100th birthday?

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, now has a permanently damaged reputation due to his connections to Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking and accusations from women who trafficked by Epstein. The royal family has been trying to sever ties with Prince Andrew while he remains aligned with the investigation into Epstein’s criminal history. 

Prince Philip’s 100th birthday is coming up June 2021 and it’s reported that Prince Andrew, one of Philip’s four sons, will not be invited to the celebration. Take a look at some of the drama surrounding Prince Andrew and his relationship with the royal family. 

Prince Andrew’s Epstein connections

Prince Andrew has been seen in many photographs with Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell, one of Epstein’s accused conspirators, at Epstein’s parties. His role in Epstein’s pedophilic sex-trafficking schemes is under current investigation. 

Prince Andrew is also facing accusations from Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s sex slaves who accused Andrew of having sex with her while she was seventeen. Since Maxwell’s arrest, the FBI has requested that Prince Andrew assist in the investigation against her. Prince Andrew denied any wrongdoing and hasn’t been involved in the investigation as of yet.

Prince Andrew’s alibi is that he was apparently at a Pizza Express in Woking the night in which he is being accused of being involved with Roberts Giuffre. 

Royal family trying to save face

After a disastrous interview with Newsnight in Nov. 2019, the royal family tried to distance themselves from Prince Andrew as much as possible. Following this interview, Prince Andrew stepped down from his royal duties and canceled his sixtieth birthday party in Feb. 

His own daughter, Princess Beatrice, removed him from official photographs of her wedding to Edo Mapelli Mozzi earlier this year. Next year, the royal family is celebrating many huge milestone events including Queen Elizabeth’s ninety-fifth birthday, her Platinum Jubilee marking seventy years of her reign as Queen, and Prince Philip’s 100th birthday.

It’s doubtful that Prince Andrew will be invited to participate in any of the events next summer or events in the future unless he’s declared fully innocent.

The royal family is having its fair share of drama with Prince Andrew’s reported involvement with Epstein & Maxwell as well as Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s departure from their royal duties. It looks as though the dynasty may be starting to crumble. 

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