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Pride Month is finally here! How are we choosing to celebrate? By checking out the best LGBTQ+ quotes on Twitter! Care to see what we're proud of?

Celebrate the first day of Pride Month with these quotes from LGBTQ+ heroes

Today officially marks the first day of Pride Month, and while it is up in the air whether or not states will host their traditional Pride Month parades, you can be sure that the LGBTQ+ community will continue to celebrate around the world, blasting some Lady Gaga while reciting some of the more important quotes that support the likes which Pride Month represents. 

So, to offer our own support, we opted to post some of the better Pride Month quotes by those who are prominent in the LGBTQ+ community, and while not all of them are themselves gay, they do represent the best of humankind, one that understands acceptance, understanding, and above all else, love. Here are some great Pride Month quotes from Twitter that show our feelings regarding this special month.  

Megan Rapinoe

Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe has always been an amazing advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. We can’t wait to see her and her gals kick butt this Summer at the Summer Olympics! 

Janet Mock

Everybody has a story to tell, all of them which are important.

Zanele Muholi

We are all our own person, and the second we believe otherwise then perhaps it’s in that moment where we surrender our individuality. 

Tennessee Williams

The heart is more complicated than a simple straight line. We agree! These Pride Month quotes are amazingly touching. 

Hendrik Hertzberg

Boom! Mic drop! Get your s#!+ together and jump aboard the love wagon, guys. 

Cassandra Duffy

One voice can sometimes be all it takes to reach millions of ears. 

Lady Gaga

Song lyrics can be poetry to some if the message is true & powerful enough. Gaga always gets it right. 


In the trenches of life, it’s important to remember to enjoy yourself. Be with the people who you love & trust, and party while doing it! 

Whoopi Goldberg

Sister Mary Clarence simplifies it for the ignorant. 

Pretty Boy Dimples

Loving yourself first is always the priority, a message well communicated in these Pride Month quotes.

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