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Twitter’s latest hype is all about Pewdiepie receiving the award Most Handsome Face of 2020. Here are the best reactions.

Pewdiepie awarded “Most Handsome Face”: Twitter’s funniest reactions

Twitter’s latest hype is all about Pewdiepie receiving the award Most Handsome Face of 2020. Pewdiepie has outshined David Beckham (26th), Idris Elba (13th) and other star stunned faces. The silver medal went to BTS’s rapper V who took home the title as the second Most Handsome Face of 2020. 

According to Comicbook, TC Candler has just announced the annual Most Handsome Face of 2020”. Created by The Independent Critics they select between “global megastars, new young celebrities, virtual unknowns and amateur entries”. Pewdiepie, also known as Felix Kjellberg has been voted amongst famous singers, actors, and other gorgeous worldwide faces. 

TC Candler released the list on December 28th 2020 with names chosen by The Independent Critics since 1990. Loyal TC Candler viewers are not be surprised by Pewdiepie’s recent title due to his constant appearance in TC Candler’s list. Pewdiepie’s highest ranking was in 2019 when he came in second place below BTS’s Jungkook who took the handsome title. 

Twitter may have forgotten about the previous annual rankings as Twitter user’s reactions have been targeting not only Pewdiepie’s eligibility but also TC Candler’s second most handsome face: V. We have all the unbelievable Twitter reactions below. 

What about Henry?

Some Twitter users are outraged with the selection of first place. Out of 100 faces of 2020, a Twitter user has demanded the fifth placed Superman & The Witcher actor Henry Cavil – with his sharp jawline and dreamy eyes – deserves a higher handsome ranking. Another beautiful actor who was placed in the top 5 category was Chris Hemsworth in third place. 

Happy for handsome 

Twitter users are applauding Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) on his amazing achievement with lots of emojis & love for the hunky YouTube star. 


Twitter users & fans of Pewdiepie are skeptical about the latest handsome face award especially since Pewdiepie’s description has a major spelling error. Pewdiepie is presented to the public as “YouTuber/ Minecratfer/ Merch Flogger”. Who wrote this?

Second place

Pewdiepie’s Twitter runnerup, BTS’s V (Kim Tae-Hyung) received the second place award for Most Handsome faces of 2020 and some Twitter users believe ARMY must be responsible. 


Twitter users have been tagging one another using the phrase “look like a mixture of both of them (Pewdiepie & V)” and it’s hilarious. Nobody can look that good


The internet has spoken and of course there are sore losers who are hating Pewdiepie’s win. Twitter users have announced that The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2020 list has been “rigged” and demanded a recount. 

Six times the charm

Some Twitter users have not followed TC Candler’s list. According to Comicbook, it’s no surprise that Pewdiepie has won 2020’s 100 Most Handsome Faces as the YouTuber was always in TC Candler’s top twenty since 2016. On Felix Kjellberg’s sixth nomination, he has finally taken TC Candler’s Handsome Face title. Long live Pewdiepie! 

Too handsome 

Twitter users have come up with multiple theories for Pewdiepie’s most handsome look. Some believe Pewdiepie had plastic surgery to look that handsome. 

Twitter war

BTS & Pewdiepie fans have debated about the “handsome” differences between V & Pewdiepie and Twitter users have given up. The tweet “Why can’t my two nations live in peace” expressed how tiring the Twitter Handsome Face debate has gotten.

TC Candler may have rocked the Twitter world, but we would like to congratulate Pewdiepie on his new Handsome Face title. Let us know in the comments if you believe the top 200 selection has been fairly chosen. 

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