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Did Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dip into Donald Trump's pockets? Her net worth suggests that we might be on track! Check out Pelosi's earnings.

How rich is the Speaker of the House? See Nancy Pelosi’s net worth

Agree or disagree with her political affiliations, you have to admit politician Nancy Pelosi has had a pretty impressive & reputable career. The current speaker of the House of Representatives will be turning eighty-one years old this March, and it’s no denying the woman has dedicated so much of her life to politics, and it seems she has no plans to stop anytime soon. 

So how much wealth has she acquired over the years? Read along to find out just how massive of a fortune Nancy Pelosi owns and how this politician was able to accumulate such an impressive net worth through the long span of her career. 


Before Nancy Pelosi was old enough to even know what the term net worth meant, the politician was a young girl born into an Italian-American family who grew up as the youngest sibling of seven children. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland to Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. and Annunciata M. D’Alesandro. 

Her father Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. was a Democratic Congressman who served as the Mayor of Baltimore, so it’s no surprise that Nancy Pelosi became passionate for politics as well from an early age. Surprisingly enough, her brother also ended up becoming the Mayor of Baltimore according to The Sun

She graduated from Trinity College in Washington D.C. in 1962 with a BA in Political Science. College is also where she met her current husband Paul Pelosi who she ended up marrying in 1963, so it’s safe to say the longtime couple certainly have been through a lot together. The two ended up moving to San Francisco and having five children together as she made her way up Democratic politics. 

Political career

So how has Nancy Pelosi built up her net worth over the years? ScholarlyOA stated that from the beginning of her political career, she maintained a good relationship with important politician Phil Burton, who back in the 60s & 70s, was considered “the number one man in the Democratic party in California”. 

Her career began to gain traction in 1976 when she was elected to become a member of the Democratic National Committee. A year later in 1977, Nancy Pelosi then became the head of the Democrats in California. The politician has also worked as a board member in the National Italian-American foundation for over a decade. 

Throughout her career, Nancy Pelosi has not only built up a hefty net worth for herself, but has also been so successful that she is officially recognized as “the highest-ranking female elected official in United States history”, according to The Sun

So how much is she worth? 

So here comes the ultimate question: Just how high is the net worth of Nancy Pelosi? According to Fox Business, the Californian Democrat is the sixth richest member in Congress, with an estimated net worth of about $114 million. 

According to Politifact, Nancy Pelosi builds up her net worth through many streams of income, but as House Speaker, the politician earns around $223,500 a year. However, her husband Paul Pelosi has also invested a lot of money for the couple, as he has been a prominent real estate businessman and venture capital for decades. 

Politifact reported that Pelosi’s 2018 financial disclosure showed much of the assets that Nancy Pelosi & Paul Pelosi held that have built up their net worth included many of her husband’s business investments such as “a mix of real estate, partnerships, and blue-chip stock holdings, including Apple, Facebook, Visa, and Walt Disney Co.”

It’s clear that this politician has certainly built an impressive & successful career for herself. Were you shocked by the net worth of Nancy Pelosi or was it as high (or as low) as you expected? Let us know in the comments.

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