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There's no meme like a political meme, and there's no political meme like a Donald Trump meme. Have an inaugural laugh with this latest meme collection!

Is the Trump letter to Biden the best political meme? See for yourself

The recent Inauguration had a lot of iconic moments. First, we had Bernie Sanders sitting alone wearing a pair of knitted memes that quickly became a hilarious meme. Then we had fans of Michelle Obama & Nancy Pelosi praising their outfits. But the best political meme yet? Donald Trump’s letter to Joe Biden. You’ll have to see it to believe it. 

Cold shoulder

Shortly after Joe Biden was sworn in to the Oval Office, rumors started circulating that Trump had left a note on Biden’s door. People immediately took to Twitter to guess what Trump might have written in that letter, and, as you can imagine, the results were absolutely hilarious. 

One person envisioned that Trump wrote “I’m angry at you and I’m not talking to you today or tomorrow” in kids handwriting, and we’re kind of dying at how accurate that seems.

Joe Biden or Toby Flenderson?

Another person brought back an iconic moment in The Office when Michael Scott gives Toby Flenderson a farewell gift: a rock with a post-it note that says “suck on this!” And we’re laughing so hard imagining Biden and Trump as a Scott/Flenderson rivalry

Will you pardon me?

We have another #winner with this imaginary letter, where someone theorized that Trump had written: “Will you pardon me?” with a “yes” or “no” option. Not only does this note throw us way back to elementary school when we used to write notes with “yes” or “no” options, but it also brings up some pretty controversial subject matter, with Trump potentially being charged for presidential crimes.

Love letter

One Twitter user repurposed The Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner’s love letter to girlfriend Alexa Cheung, and we’re basically dying. It’s so unexpected due to the public rivalry between Trump & Biden, but that makes it all the funnier. 

Abstract art?

Another person imagined that Trump had simply left Biden a bunch of scribbles, which is pretty hilarious especially considering Trump’s somewhat childish behavior

Donald Trump or Regina George?

One Twitter user used their Mean Girls knowledge for all the right reasons, and imagined that Trump had left Biden the letter that Regina George scribbles in the “Burn Book.” It reads: “This girl is the nastiest skank b*tch I’ve ever met. DO NOT TRUST HER. She is a fugly slut!” Yep. That sounds like something Trump would write . . .  

Snookie in the Oval Office?

With this meme, we’re throwing it way back to the Jersey Shore times, and recalling the iconic moment when Snookie called out one of her housemates in an anonymous letter to Sam. Is it crazy that picturing Donald Trump on the Jersey Shore doesn’t seem too far-fetched?


Another hilarious rendition of the meme used a letter from the Adam Sandler film The Waterboy, where he receives an anonymous letter that has some . . . not so nice things to say.

Twitter ban

This meme hilariously reminds us of how Trump was banned from Twitter, and imagines that he uses his final words in the White House to ask Biden if he can use the POTUS account to tweet something?

Though we’ve admittedly gotten some hilarious new memes as of late, we’re mostly glad there was a peaceful transfer of power on the 20th. And if we can laugh along the way, well we’ll happily take that.

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