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With so much happening, how will Johnson steer the ship in these turbulent waters? Introducing the new Speaker of the House for 2023.

Who exactly will become U.S. Speaker of the House in 2023?

After a vacancy that lasted three nail-biting weeks, halting all legislative work and stirring up a whirlwind of emotions, the Republicans have sealed the deal by electing Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana as the new speaker of the House. 

The scoreboard flashed 220 to 209, with the Republicans all rooting for Johnson. A change in leadership is always a spectacle, but in 2023 this one came with its fair share of drama! Let’s dive into all the details of becoming a Speaker of the House in 2023.

Standing Tall for Core Principles

Mike Johnson didn’t waste any time as the new speaker of the house. Shortly after embracing his new role, he stood at the podium, giving us a glimpse into his mindset. He spoke about a growing disconnect between the public and the government, emphasizing the importance of upholding the principles that make the nation shine. He was also quick to highlight the need to sometimes sacrifice individual preferences for the greater good.

Diving straight into business, Johnson marked the restart of the House’s legislative duties with a vote showing support for Israel. His words resonated a strong message: taking a stance against the actions of Hamas, promoting peace, and reinforcing the values that the nation upholds.

But Johnson’s to-do list doesn’t stop there. He’s keen on directing Congress’s focus towards the U.S.-Mexico border situation, fighting inflation, and putting a check on federal spending. The clock’s ticking, though, as he takes charge just a few weeks before a significant government funding deadline on November 17. It’s definitely crunch time!

Piecing Together Johnson’s Journey

But who really is Mike Johnson? Currently, he sits as the vice chair of the House Republican Conference, and his reputation within the conference is further amplified as the former head of the Republican Study Committee, a consortium of fiscal conservatives. 

And yes, he was on the defense team during former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment inquiry. Johnson also challenged the 2020 election results, supporting a Supreme Court case that aimed to overturn the results in a few swing states – a claim that was ultimately unfounded.

The road to Johnson’s nomination was no cakewalk. After a chaotic day, the Republicans initially rooted for Majority Whip Tom Emmer, but soon after, he stepped down from the race. Emmer’s withdrawal came after he failed to rally enough internal support and after former President Trump, as well as Steve Bannon, took jabs at him on their platforms.

However, the atmosphere lightened up significantly with Johnson’s nomination. He managed to strike a chord that resonated with many, without ruffling too many feathers. His approach seemed to be less about confrontation and more about coalition-building, winning him support from various ideological corners.

Rep. Ken Buck summed it up best when he mentioned that Johnson has the unique ability to build bridges and maintain a calm demeanor, which will be crucial in his new role.

Ready, Set, Govern

With the new title comes a host of challenges for Johnson. The pressing issue at hand? The federal government running out of funds by November 17. Additionally, Congress is in the hot seat to finalize funding for several national security matters, including assistance for countries like Ukraine and Israel. Johnson’s past records show that he has not always been in favor of Ukraine funding, which might stir up debates.

Johnson emphasized the need for a swift response to address national security and to prevent a looming shutdown. President Biden, on his part, has extended a congratulatory note to Johnson and expressed hope in collaborating on various pressing concerns.

With so much happening, there’s one thing we’re all eager to see: how will Johnson steer the ship in these turbulent waters? And as we watch, ponder on this: Will Johnson’s approach breathe new life into the House, or will the challenges prove too much?

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