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Logan Paul calls out Jake Paul's behavior and how it could ruin his potential UFC career. Head into the ring to learn more about this Paul family drama.

Even Logan Paul is sick of Jake Paul’s behavior: What the brother is saying

Before you get into reading about this: take a shot of your favorite alcohol. We’re talking about the worst douchebags of the internet Logan Paul and Jake Paul aka “dear God why are you still popular”. These two geniuses are famous for being the worst people that you have never met, but that the worst people you know probably enjoy watching on the regular.

From filming the corpse of a suicide victim to throwing parties that made their neighbors hate them, Jake Paul and Logan Paul have the worst reputations out there. While people are hoping that Logan Paul will just be beat to hell in a fight with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Logan is more worried about Jake’s behavior. So, wow, one of the Paul brothers is sick of the other.

Make peace with your gods, it’s time to go into the Paul family drama.

We should make some things clear here

Logan Paul is concerned about his brother, but not in the way you’re thinking. Getting into the ring with one of the most prolific boxers of all time? Sure. That’s fine. Logan’s ready for it. He’s more worried about how Jake got Dana White mad. Now Logan is worried that White thinks they’re both idiots, which will ruin Logan’s chances of becoming a serious boxer.

Okay. A couple of things here. Mainly, the internet both thinks the pair of you are idiots. And not like the fun idiots like Bill and Ted, but just like the worst sort of idiots. The kind that are surprised when there are consequences for their actions. Talking in a recent episode of the Impaulsive podcast, Logan Paul made this comment.

“Another thing I don’t like about it besides everything is he pissed off Dana White, and now Dana has grouped us together, which sucks, which sucks. Bro, I love Dana White. I love the UFC, and now Dana is mad at me because he thinks we’re the same person . . . We’re so different. 

“I love the UFC fights. I want to do a UFC fight one day. I’m not saying now. Let me get my skills up . . . I’m not Jake. Please. He’s given me tickets to go to a UFC fight before.”

Hype machine

Dana White, and many others, basically see the Paul brothers as a sideshow oddity to bring up the eyeballs of boxing matches. Considering that people would pay good money to see some of the biggest a-holes on YouTube get their butts kicked, White’s not exactly wrong thinking that. The Paul brothers, however, want to be taken seriously as boxers, especially Logan.

The issue here is, however, no one will take them seriously. Not unless they are willing to put in the time and effort. Boxers spend decades perfecting their form and technique in and out of the ring. The Paul brothers are seen more as line jumpers, then serious contenders by many boxing fans. They’re a sideshow attraction in the sport, and unless they change that’s all they’re ever be.

Most comments from the internet on the Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather fight that is incoming have to do with hoping Paul gets wrecked. Even Jake Paul said that he thinks Logan is going to lose terribly against the legendary boxer. 

Do we have to still talk about this?

Nope. Logan Paul and Jake Paul will always be surrounded by a storm of controversy and annoyance by the internet at large. Though if Logan does want to be taken seriously as a boxer, then try to hold at least a round against Floyd Mayweather rather than worrying over your brother. 

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