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A cartoon smartwatch? But why? Nickelodeon sure sounds animated about this new concept, but will nostalgia help sell these watches?

NickWatch: Why is Nickelodeon making a cartoon smart watch?

A Nickelodeon smart watch for kids is coming sooner than we thought! Well, we don’t think anyone saw this coming (or even asked for it). Yet, the “first-ever connected smart NickWatch” was revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday.

Raffaele Annecchino, the president & CEO of ViacomCBS Networks International described the Nickelodeon product as encouraging “healthy communication by bringing families together while nurturing a sense of independence and helping children to explore the world confidently.” Here’s what we know so far about the Nickelodeon cartoon-themed smart watch.

Annecchino introduces the kid-centric smart watch

The ViacomCBS Networks International CEO reported, “ViacomCBS is known for its portfolio of iconic brands that have shaped current events and pop culture for decades. Now, as we look to the future, the NickWatch marks a milestone as the first connected smartwatch to harness the power of our consumer brands.” 

“This strategic product launch will leverage our intellectual property and content to further strengthen our position as a leading commercial partner with diverse consumer touchpoints creating a new immersive experience,” Annecchino added.

The CEO described the new tech product as a way for children to practice independence & communication. The upcoming NickWatch will offer children “independence in addition to a robust entertainment offering fueled by beloved Nickelodeon characters,” the company said. It will also “provide a direct line of communication to family and friends, promote physical activity, and help kids explore the world with confidence.”

What features will the NickWatch offer?

The Nickelodeon smartwatch will feature entertainment based on the network’s most beloved cartoon characters such as SpongeBob, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and many more. Annecchino disclosed that the NickWatch will include “fun and goofy photo filters, motion sound effects, and musical instruments that play out according to hand movements.” 

He also detailed that the company plans to offer regular content updates to keep children from getting bored. These updates will include new games, stickers, sound effects, and more. 

As Annecchino mentioned features such as communication & physical activity, we can assume that the kids’ smart watch will have similar call, text, and step counter applications seen on standard smart watches. 

The product will also promote a healthy lifestyle through social play activities “with just enough story to inspire the imagination,” ViacomCBS said. “Kids can play alone or with friends who have a NickWatch to set off on the same quest together.”

The NickWatch also offers a live map that pinpoints where each member of the family is located. This feature will help children feel more connected with their family, while also keeping parents updated on their child’s location. 

The NickWatch’s design & expected release

The family-centric device will come with two different styles of watch bands. The president described them as “one playful Nickelodeon band” featuring the iconic Nickelodeon cartoon characters and “one more adult, premium band.” 

The playful band is designed with numerous characters from kids’ favorite cartoon shows such as The Loud House, SpongeBob SquarePants, and the classic TMNT characters. While the more adult premium band will have a mature, simple, and sophisticated look for older kids. It will also come with a cartoon character-led charging base. 

The ViacomCBS Network International CEO detailed that the smart watch is set to release sometime in 2022. They have also yet to release any pricing information on the upcoming kid-centric smart watch. 

The company developed the NickWatch by Nickelodeon in partnership with Israeli technology startup Watchinu, which developed the smart watch and will operate it through a licensee agreement with ViacomCBS Networks International.

What do you think about the Nickelodeon cartoon smart watch? Do you wish you had one of these fun NickWatches when you were a kid? Let us know what you think about the NickWatch in the comments below!

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