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From dramas to animation, new films to continued shows, Netflix has a little something for everyone in November, especially for the Christmas season.

November content feast: What Netflix is bringing to the table

Now that Halloween has passed, many of us are wondering what the heck we’re going to watch to fill the time before the holidays without the ton of horror movies and TV to binge. Thankfully, Netflix has decided to cook up a feast’s worth of new original content for November, just in time for Thanksgiving. 

From dramas to animation, new films to continued shows, Netflix has a little something for everyone, especially for the upcoming Christmas season. Here’s a list of our picks of the Netflix Originals (and licensed content) to keep an eye out for as you get ready for Thanksgiving and write up your gift wishlist for this holiday season.

November 1st 

American Son 

This fantastic new thriller is based on the Broadway show of the same name. The story about parents seeking answers to where exactly their missing son has gone hits hard with its themes of racism and its relationship to modern day. With actors like Kerry Washington and Jeremy Jordan attached to the project, it’s sure to be something to watch as the month gets going. 

Atypical S3 

The series is college-bound in season 3 as Sam faces the challenges college brings as he continues to understand his autism. The actors, including Keir Gilchrist, return to give us more of the amazing and relatable characters we love on this show. 

Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! 

The Fab 5 are back and traveling across the Pacific to Japan as they continue to help others in any way they can. Their fabulous adventures are always fun to watch, so lets fly over and see what this adventure brings. 

The King

This historical drama based on Shakespeare follows a young boy as he is crowned king and must navigate the sticky politics of his time. This is another incredible project under the belt of Timothee Chalamet and appears to be another crowning achievement in an already fantastic career. 


Love is deadly in this film about a stuntman and getaway driver who falls for his lovely neighbor – until her husband returns from prison. With Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston attached to the film, it’s a wild ride with a great soundtrack to boot. 

Holiday in the Wild

Love pops up in the oddest places; that’s what one woman discovers when she decides to go on an African safari and meets an elephant conservationist right after her husband leaves her. This small meet-cute will be perfect to play for snuggling time as the weather gets colder. 

The Man Without Gravity 

A gravity-defying boy grows up and longs for connection in this new Netflix Original film. This heartwarming story of love and connection will be just the thing to get us into the thankful mood. 

We are the Wave 

Four idealistic teens revolt against a rise in nationalistic fervor but who becomes the enemy when those within have their own agenda? This new thriller promises to keep you on the edge of your seat and away from the chilly outdoors. 

November 5th 

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power S4

She-Ra and friends are back again with more fun adventures in this animated show. What will these incredible characters get up to next? With Aimee Carrero at the forefront, anything is possible.


The End of the F***ing World S2 

Our favorite pair of misfits are back at it again in the second season of this dark comedy with more incredible humor as they navigate tennagehood. What’s not to love about more Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther? 

November 8th 

Busted! S2 

This fan-favorite reality show is back at it again with more fun challenges and amazing mysteries with celebrities from K-Pop and K-Drama gracing the screen. 

Green Eggs and Ham S1 

Strap in as the beloved tales of Dr. Seuss get a new sound with an all-star cast that provides the voices to these great adventures. With actors such as Michael Douglas and Jillian Bell giving voice to some of these iconic characters, it promises to be quite a story to tell over green eggs and ham. 

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays S2 

It’s back to baking as this fantastic baking show takes off with more holiday hilarity and delicious challenges for the bakers. 

November 9th 

Little Things S3 

Our favorite cohabitating couple continue their journey on just how to adult in modern Mumbai. 

November 14th 

The Stranded 

These kids are not alone on the lonely island they find themselves on after a disastrous plane crash. But what could be watching them? 

November 15th 

Earthquake Bird 

It’s a terrifying tale of love and obsession as Lucy is caught in the middle of the murder of her friend, who perhaps got too close to Lucy’s photographer boyfriend. But who murdered Lily? With a cast including Alicia Vikander, the answer promises to be Crofted in the most unexpected and wonderful way (pun intended).


This animated film puts a spin on the classic Santa Claus tale as a young postman and a mysterious carpenter create a legend. A loaded cast of J.K. Simmons, Jason Schwartzman, Joan Cusack, and Rashida Jones promises a jolly good time in this new origin of the big man in the red suit. 

Llama Llama S2 

Llama Llama is back with more adventures for the lovable llama, his mom and his friends in this adorable kid’s show.

The Toys That Made Us S3 

The docuseries returns with more insight on our favorite collectible toys and serves up a big spoonful of nostalgia in time for turkey season. 

November 17th 

The Crown S3 

The Queen has returned with more enticing political challenges in this popular royal drama that promises a long and happy reign on Netflix. With Olivia Coleman coming onto the throne, the show promises new intrigues that will show that the crown can sometimes be a royal pain. 

November 21st 

The Knight Before Christmas

Grab your sword and shield for this little holiday ditty about a medieval knight who gets transported to our time and falls for a jaded science teacher. Vanessa Hudgens returns to the screen with this film, promising some new sides of the actress to appear for this lovely holiday story. 

November 22nd 

High Seas S2 

The mysteries continue onboard as our favorite sister duo continue to investigate the mysterious deaths on their way to Brazil from Spain in this kitschy but hugely enjoyable period drama with stunning sets and costume work. 

Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings  

Dolly is back and better than ever in these eight stories about love, family, and faith that’s perfect for the holiday season. So get ready for some heartwarming feels and a few tears as the show gets us ready for the wintery holidays we love. 

Nailed It! Holiday! S2 

It’s the return of the bad bakers this holiday as all new challenges ring in this holiday-themed season. Get ready for more laughs and more incredible (bad) masterpieces that will make you say “They nailed it, all right!” 

November 27th 

The Dragon Prince S3 

It’s back to the land of Xadia as our heroes continue the search for the missing egg and try to prevent war from arriving. Will they be able to make it in time?

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