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The 'My Cat From Hell' host and cat behaviorist lets viewers know the best ways to keep Kitty calm during this stressful time. Here's how.

‘My Cat from Hell’ is here to help keep your cat calm in quarantine

It’s been months in quarantine and your favorite feline friends haven’t been themselves. Fluffy is cranky, Tabby’s fighting with everyone, and Whiskers is hiding under the couch 24/7. What’s going on? Don’t fear, Jackson Galaxy from My Cat From Hell is here! 

Throughout quarantine, Jackson Galaxy released a bunch of videos to help you and your feline friends survive the new normal. The My Cat From Hell host and cat behaviorist lets viewers know the best ways to keep Kitty calm during this stressful time. 

Your cat, their territory, and quarantine

Space is crucial to your furball. When you and your family went away for the day, she could explore unencumbered by demands for pets and loud humans. Now, she can feel frustrated and trapped, especially if she doesn’t have a space she feels is her own, and thus become a cat from hell. 

Jackson Galaxy has a lot of suggestions and products to help Kitty feel like her normal self. My Cat From Hell often recommends building vertical space so your cat can escape up and survey her kingdom from a safe distance. Plenty of cat towers and even vertical shelving exclusively for cats are musts to help Kitty feel secure.  

Cats also had a schedule that was thrown out of whack

Pre-quarantine, Kitty had a routine just like you did. When you went away, her day was full of bird-watching, playing with toys, and lots and lots of naptime. With everyone home all day, Kitty can feel like her schedule’s been interrupted. If you’re wondering why she became the cat from hell during quarantine, this is a big reason why. 

Respecting Kitty’s schedule is key. Leave her alone during the day. Better yet, according to Jackson Galaxy, give her a space to escape to. If climbing isn’t kitty’s thing, providing a cozy hiding space can be a good idea. However, Kitty shouldn’t be encouraged too much to burrow as this could turn her even more into a cat from hell. 

Frequently on My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy recommends a temporary hiding space where Kitty can feel comfortable until she feels free to roam & interact again. Coax your feline friend out with treats & playtime, gradually move their hiding space in the open as they grow more comfortable being out and about again. 

Ditch the free feeding

Cats aren’t grazing animals! Food isn’t naturally available to Fluffy as an endless buffet she can saunter up to all day, every day. Cats are predators, meaning they have to catch their food. My Cat From Hell often recommends three feedings a day, and Jackson Galaxy thinks quarantine is a great time to start. 

Play with your cat

Jackson Galaxy says a bunch of times on his show My Cat From Hell that playing with your cat is essential. Playing with your cat allows them to release pent-up energy and put their hunting instincts to good use. Jackson Galaxy recommends playing with your cat before mealtimes to mimic their behavior in the wild: catch food, eat food. 

When you play with your cat at least once a day before mealtime, Jackson Galaxy guarantees you’ll see a positive change in Kitty’s behavior. No longer a cat from hell, kitty will become more confident and relaxed around you! 

Watch out for “bad behavior times”

Is Kitty being aggressive at a certain time of the day? If so, pay attention. According to some My Cat From Hell episodes, cats have a rhythm where they’re more inclined to show their hunting instincts. If Kitty is being bitey or mean at specific times of the day, Jackson Galaxy suggests playing with her a half an hour before to release that steam. 

Stress between cats? 

If you live in a multi-cat household, quarantine can make both kitties cats from hell, especially to each other. To counteract fighting and dominance disputes, Jackson Galaxy wants you to make sure that each cat has their own territory and gets equal time and attention from you. 

Jackson Galaxy also promotes anti-bully oils on My Cat From Hell and on his website. Apply the essential oils, which promote a relaxed attitude between cats, at watch Tiger and Mittens become fast friends again. 

Knock it off! 

Quarantine is a hidden opportunity to bond with your cat more and break old habits. Jackson Galaxy sells products that can help you and Kitty during quarantine. He also promotes them on My Cat From Hell and explains how they can help. 

First, is your cat from hell constantly knocking things off surfaces or jumping on forbidden countertops? Throw the squirt bottle away! It doesn’t stop Kitty from exploring, it only stops her when you’re around. Instead, go for an air puffer. It’s a motion sensor that blows a puff of air once kitty jumps on the no-go zone.

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