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Need some motivation for life, the universe, and everything? Feel energized with these motivational memes that will always have your back!

Get yourself through the week with these motivational memes

Motivation is a tempestuous beast. Sometimes, it fills all of us up, mobilizing us out to do things, change the world, all that stuff. Other times, she’s as tightlipped as that talking diary you got as a kid but never recognized your voice again after writing in it, like, three times. Basically, motivation is something elusive, but sometimes you can make it yourself. The internet, naturally, does it through motivational memes.

But what are the best motivational memes out there? What are the ones that make you want to get up & go change the world?! It’s time to share some of the most motivational memes out on the internet that make you want to get out of your 2020-2021 sadness cocoon. 

Sometimes you need some tough love

And Gordon Ramsay is all about the tough love to get you motivated. 

“Your best” 

This your daily reminder is that “your best” should be focused on through your standards! No one else’s. You set what your best is. Whatever it is. 

One of 7 billion

7 billion people in the world. Don’t feel down just because you’re not a big success by the time you’re 25. There’s still a whole lot of life to live and a whole lot of people living it on their terms. 

Motivation through belief

We believe in you! Even if we don’t know you! You got this 100%

Sometimes, all you have to do is just try

The best motivation in life is a reminder that you’re allowed to be bad at something at first. Even if you never improve, then all you have to do is have fun while trying.

Take a step

Just take each day step by step rather than rush at it all at once.

Hold onto happiness

Find joy and happiness where you can take it, just do your best

You are intimidating in your potential

Don’t forget that you are a person who is always full of potential. You are absolutely brimming with it. Just do your best to realize it.

Be amazing! 

Be the best hoe that you can! Be who you want in the world! 

A reminder from Mr. Rogers

Finally, some kind words from Mr. Rogers himself. The best motivator in the whole wide world.

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