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Who said humor needs to be dark & dirty? These popular wholesome memes will tickle you pink and have you smiling from ear-to-ear.

Enjoy some of the most popular wholesome memes on the internet

We don’t get enough wholesomeness in this world. Sometimes it seems like humor is only getting either dirtier and dirtier, or darker and darker. We’re in dire need of some good clean light in the darkness of the year that is 2020. 

If you’re looking for a sweet, guilt-free giggle haven today, we’ve got you. These popular wholesome memes will tickle you pink and make you want to cuddle a baby. They’re so clean, you could paste them in a birthday card and mail them to your grandma. Who said humor needs to leave you feeling icky? Get on the meme train to wholesome town because these popular memes are about to have you smiling from ear-to-ear. 

Pug daisy

D’awh! That cone decoration turned this cutie’s frown upside down. 

Parenting teenagers

What’s cuter? The whole concept of the meme or the fact that the dog actually looks worried?

It could happen

Probable? No. Plausible? Totally. 

When Gandalf plays fetch 

This pup doesn’t look like it’s about to be reasoned with. 

So where are we going? 

Come, on. We’ve all been that freeloader. Unless, of course, you were the friend who was first to get their license. If so, sorry. 😬

So precious 

If you ever see this guy fixing things in your neighborhood, you’ll now know why he’s wearing wings. 


This guy’s too heckin’ cute. Get it? Bamboo shoot. Ah . . . never mind. 

They swear they’re hilarious 

But hey, at least someone appreciates their humor. 

Make it count 

It’s the little things, man. 

Okay, maybe we lied a little 

This one’s not a hundred percent wholesome because rice bears were probably harmed in the making of this meme. I mean, look at it. It’s adorable, but also delicious-looking. 

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