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Netflix is responsible for some of the biggest shows of all time. Find out what the most viewed shows are right here.

7 Most Viewed Shows on Netflix

There is no doubt that Netflix is some of the best content for streaming. Whether it is horror, comedy, romance, thriller, or sci-fi – you can find the most authentic and entertaining content. Even though Netflix hosts series, when it comes to Netflix Originals – there is no comparison.

If you were searching for the best shows on US Netflix, you have come to the right place. With seven being a magical number, we bring the magic of entertainment in your life with the hit Netflix show. 

Go through the trailers of these picks, and you will know why Netflix is better than Disney+ and any other streaming sites. Portraying socially-stigmatized topics, Netflix wants to entertain you in a meaningful fashion, and these shows are an example of Netflix’s originality and creativity. 

1. Money Heist

The Spanish show is based on the character of a criminal mastermind known as ‘The Professor.’ He planned to pull off the biggest heist by printing billions of euros in the Royal Mint of Spain. He recruits eight people with specific abilities to carry out this plan. 

His recruits have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Police are trying to find a way to catch ‘The Professor’ while the robbers are getting ready for the heist.

2. Lucifer

When Lucifer gets bored with hell – he came to earth to add entertainment and fun to his life. The show focused on the devil facing the worst of human traits like hate, greed, ambition, and destruction. It provides a new angle to observe the human flaws from the perspective of the entity known to be the king of evil. 

Lucifer partners with a local detective to solve some drug and murder cases, and the budding relationship adds an oomph factor to the show. The killing looks of Tom Ellis do not hurt a bit and add the mysterious charm to the personality of the devil. 

3. Snowpiercer

A failed scientific experiment has left the earth frozen. The survivors board the train that travels around the globe, titled Snowpiercer. With the journey’s progress, the class system emerges where the elites can access every luxury and the poor are deprived. 

The show focuses on the idea that the lass-system is penetrated in the roots of humankind. Whether it is a country or the last train on earth – the class system still rules everyone’s lives. 

4. Narcos

Columbia was the hub of the cocaine trade in the late 80′. The story is focused on the rise of Pablo Escobar as the drug lord from a smuggler. The actions and raids of the law enforcement to curb the drug ring are highlighted in the show. 

With the involvement of multiple entities, including civilian, military, police, legal, and political, in the process – there is no doubt that Narcos is considered to be one of the biggest hits of Netflix. 

5. The Crown

Who is not interested in royal life and royalty in general? The constant interest in the lives of the British royal family is critically explored in this show. It is an apt description of the working and the politics behinds the doors of Buckingham Palace. 

Queen Elizabeth II’s life is focused in detail, and the controversies and palace’s reaction to the show added to its viewership. Another central character-focused in this show is the life and struggles of the beloved Princess Diana and the mystery around her death. 

If you want to enjoy and experience the royal touch – The Crown is the perfect watch for you!

6. The Queen’s Gambit

The chess game with beautifully portrayed ambiance – The Queen’s Gambit, beat The Crown in many countries. Going through a traumatic and challenging childhood, Beth found an escape in chess. The show accurately displays Beth’s journey from a scared child to troubled but glamorous chess pro. 

It will make you fall in love with the game of chess even if the game does not make any sense to you. 

7. The Umbrella Academy

If you are a fan of superhero and fiction, you are going to love this show. The story starts when 43 infants are born to unconnected women who showed no pregnancy signs in the year 1989. The infants are adopted by the billionaire industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves. He created the Umbrella Academy comprised of his adopted children with superpowers.

After Sir Reginald’s death, the siblings are visiting their home after a long-time ad learns about the impending doom of the earth. Together they can stop it but will they a family in the truest sense?

With heroic powers like time traveling, superhuman strength, and talking to the dead – The Umbrella Academy is a fun and lively watch. 


Netflix Originals are incomparable, and they are considered to be the best shows to binge on. With quality production, amazing reaction, intriguing storyline, exceptional videography, Netflix is ruling the streaming world. 

Even with the shows’ quality, Netflix uses every technology, including machine learning and data sciences, to gain more users. Enjoy these picks, and you can thank us later!

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