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The new trailer for season 2 of 'The Morning Show' hints at mounting tension and a few new faces. Take a look at the series' release date and more!

Did ‘The Morning Show’ trailer reveal the season 2 release date?

Tensions begin to boil over in the latest trailer for The Morning Show. The Apple+ series starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell is returning for a second season despite previous poor feedback. However, the show is coming back full force with even more hidden agendas and backstabbing. 

Along with an upcoming release date, the trailer also features a few new A-listers added to the series. Each character in the drama seems to be getting closer and closer to a nervous breakdown. With an approaching release date, get ready for some daytime TV mayhem in season 2 of The Morning Show.

The Morning Show brings even more drama 

The official synopsis for season 2 states, “Picking up after the explosive events of season 1, season 2 finds the Morning Show team emerging from the wreckage of Alex and Bradley’s actions, to a new UBA and a world in flux, where identity is everything and the chasm between who we present as and who we really are comes into play.”

In the trailer, we can see that each character is falling deeper into a personal crisis. Not only are Alex and Bradley forced back on the screen together, but Cory Ellison certainly seems more frenzied than we’ve ever seen before.

In addition to the usual characters, The Morning Show is adding two more TV stars: Julianna Margulies and Will Arnett. Margulies will star as Laura Peterson who seems to have her eye on Bradley. However, Alex warns that Laura most likely has an ulterior motive. Arnett will feature as guest newcomer Doug who appears to be an aloof higher-up.

As The Morning Show builds more conflict between characters, the second season will also be covering the COVID-19 crisis as well as racism in television broadcasting. It’s clear that The Morning Show won’t be holding back in the upcoming season.

Season One’s negative reviews

Although The Morning Show has a wide enough audience for an undoubted season 2, the first season gained some shocking negative reviews. The Independent gave the show two stars and described the series’ first season as “fraught with anxiety about what it is and who it’s for”. 

Meanwhile, IndieWire released a review titled, “Jennifer Aniston Can’t Save Apple’s Rudderless and Dull Debut Drama”. The article detailed, “Fine work from the former ‘Friends’ star — plus Mimi Leder’s lively direction — aren’t reason enough to wake up for this star-studded dud.” Ouch

However, despite a few scathing reviews, the show has gained a major audience wanting more. Series creator Kerry Ehrin believes that season 2 will build upon the foundation of season 1 and gain more favorable feedback.

Concerning the plentiful negative criticism, Ehrin explained, “In the beginning, the reviews definitely hurt. I’m not going to lie. None of us were expecting that because we all loved the show and I think the perception that it was some glossy, empty thing was just not correct.”

She added, “Character is always first and foremost with me and I love them and I feel like they’re very engaging. You want to be with those people and follow them and I think the world is just crazy and wild enough that it’s an interesting terrain to follow these people in.”

When and where to watch The Morning Show

Season 2 has an official release date of September 17th, which is much closer than we expected. Along with the release date, it’s also been confirmed that season 2 will feature ten episodes. The series is set to roll out one new episode a week. 

The Apple+ original series is unfortunately only available for Apple+ subscribers. However, the subscription comes at a fairly reasonable price of $4.99/month, compared to other streaming platforms. 

What did you think of season 1 of The Morning Show? Will you be tuning in for season 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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