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Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’ season 4 is out. But what about a spinoff?

We’re still waiting for part 4 of Netflix’s most popular foreign language show, Money Heist (or La Casa De Papel). The Spanish drama follows a group of thieves as they perform the most daring heists in the world. The first two parts follows the crew as they rob the Royal Mint of Spain over the course of several days.

Part three of Money Heist, which was released this past July, follows the reunited crew as they try to outwit the police and rob the Bank of Spain. Part 3 left us with some pretty big cliffhangers. As Film Daily has many fans of the series, you can read about those cliffhangers in our handy part 3 guide

With part 4 finished filming, talk of fans immediately turned to part 5. While Netflix has not made anything official, sources close to the production say that Money Heist has been greenlit for a fifth part. Better yet for fans, there are also rumors of a spinoff to Money Heist in development.

How valid are the rumors about Money Heist part 5?

As we said, Netflix has not officially confirmed Money Heist part 5. Given how quickly Money Heist was picked up for part 4, just days after part 3’s release, it wouldn’t surprise us if something similar will happen. As Money Heist is one of Netflix’s most popular foreign-language shows, it wouldn’t make sense to cancel the show prematurely.

Granted, this is Netflix and they are quick to discard shows. Behind-the-scenes creatives, such as Money Heist part 4 director Jesus Colmenar, and on-screen talent, Álvaro Morte (The Professor), confirmed to audiences at International Film Festival of the Andalusian City that part five has been given the green light.

Not much is known about part five other than it exists. Apparently, it will go into production soon. So if Netflix keeps to their word, then we should get an official confirmation for the streaming service soon.

What will Money Heist part 5 be about?

We have no clue what Money Heist part 5 will be about. Given the pattern of the show, however, it could signal the start of a new story for the crew. Money Heist’s first two parts told a complete story with part 3 starting a new one. If that pattern holds, then part 4 will wrap up that story setting the groundwork for a new adventure in part 5.

Now this is all speculation based on past storytelling trends and decisions within Money Heist. It’s possible that Money Heist part 5 can be the conclusion of the story started in part 3 with part 4 serving as the middle. This is definitely a money wait and see approach.

What about this Money Heist spinoff?

Netflix, again, hasn’t confirmed that a Money Heist spinoff is actually happening. At the International Film Festival of the Andalusian City, Colmenar revealed that the Money Heist spinoff is in development. Now, that’s not a guarantee. As any Supernatural fan can tell you, just because a spinoff is in the works doesn’t mean it will exist. (R.I.P. Wayward Sisters.) 

Colmenar also refused to name any characters from the main show that will be involved in the spinoff. Basically, that info is kept under even tighter wraps. Or, they just can’t know. Developing a television show is really hard work, folks. 

What do fans think the Money Heist spinoff will be about?

Money Heist fans have their money on the spinoff focusing on Berlin (Pedro Alonso). This career criminal proved to be a popular character in the first two parts of Money Heist. A lot of fans think that the spinoff will focus on his younger years, which was hinted during his time on the show.

In addition, a series on Berlin would also answer some lingering questions from Money Heist: mainly regarding the relationship to his brother, the Professor. This is all just speculation. For all we know, it could be about another crew of criminals inspired by the Money Heist crew. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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