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After swirling rumors of Mike Richards possibly being the new 'Jeopardy!' host caused some alarming allegations. Let's dive in.

Could Mike Richards still be the new ‘Jeopardy’ host?

After swirling rumors of Mike Richards possibly being the new Jeopardy! host caused some alarming allegations made against the star, Richards himself stepped up to make a statement and defend himself through an internal memo on Monday morning.

So did the potential host for the game show actually mistreat his past colleagues or not? Let’s take a look at the accusations made against him and how he’s defended himself here. 

Mike Richards’s statement

The possibility of Mike Richards being the potential host for Jeopardy! has caused quite the controversy. In a memo released on Monday, he wrote: “The last year has been the most challenging in the history of the show. I know we are all still dealing with the loss of our hero, Alex, while at the same time continuing to produce amazing shows for our millions of fans through the pandemic”.

It is true that I was asked if I would consider hosting the show. I was humbled and deeply honored. No final decisions have been made and discussions with me and other potential hosts are still ongoing. I know I have mentioned this to you all before, but the choice on this is not my decision and never has been. Throughout this search, Sony’s top priority has always been to continue the incredible legacy you and Alex built”, he wrote.

Mike Richards assured: “As you know, Alex always believed the game itself and the contestants are the most important aspects of the show, and that will continue to be the guiding principle as the decision is finalized”. So while Mike Richards may be a top contender for the next potential Jeopardy! host, the star, and producer have indeed confirmed that nothing has been set in stone yet. 

Addressing the allegations

The potential Jeopardy! host also addressed the allegations made against him, writing: “These were allegations made in employment disputes against the show. I want you all to know that the way in which my comments and actions have been characterized in these complaints does not reflect the reality of who I am or how we worked together on The Price is Right. I know firsthand how special it is to be a parent”.

“It is the most important thing in the world to me. I would not say anything to disrespect anyone’s pregnancy and have always supported my colleagues on their parenting journeys. . . During my tenure, our female cast members welcomed seven beautiful children. We embraced and celebrated each pregnancy and birth both in front of and behind the camera”, Mike Richards shared. 

“It was a joy to watch their families grow and highlight their happiness as part of the show. For us, I realize there is a lot going on right now as we ramp up for the new season. Please do not hesitate to reach out of you have any questions or concerns.

It is truly an honor to get to work with all of you to produce this amazing show, and I look forward to the days ahead as we get back into production”, he finished with. 

During his tenure, while working on The Price is Right, two of the game show’s former models filed pregnancy discrimination lawsuits against Mike Richards. The executive producer was implicated in both cases, and one of them, Brandi Cochran, was awarded $8.5 million while the other lawsuit was settled with an appeal. News of Richards being a potential Jeopardy! host has brought this controversy back into the light once again. 

According to the lawsuit from Brandi Cochran, the model “revealed that she was carrying twins” to Mike Richards, who in response “put his face in his hands. He asked her twice, in an annoyed tone, ‘Twins? Are you serious? . . . You’re serious?’”. From there on out, she was booked to work less and was taken out of acts she had appeared on before on multiple occasions. 

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