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Actor James O’Halloran has been making a name for himself in films and TV. Learn more about how this Australian hunk achieved his success!

James O’Halloran films

Origin Story of James O’Halloran

James O’Halloran was born on 20th October 1984, in Melbourne, Australia. He had mentioned that his mother had nine pregnancies, so he probably has eight siblings. He was offered the role in Twentysomething and Offspring, an Australian drama. He was also seen in INXS: Never Tear Us Apart, an Australian miniseries. 

You must know him if you are a fan of The Price is Right, a famous American game show. He was the second male model on the show. This actor and model from Australia has risen to prominence due to his acting skills. His successful career has helped him earn a significant amount of fame and wealth. 

Before he moved to the US to pursue an acting career in the entertainment industry, he earned his living as an industrial designer. He has also been seen in many short films, music videos, feature films, and stage productions. O’Halloran is renowned for his sculpted body physique and towering stature.

james o’halloran films

James O’Halloran net worth 

The Instagram account of James O’Halloran’ has 46.4k followers. Fans also want to know more about his revenue records, earnings, and salary, but there are no details made public. However, as per estimates, it is said that his net worth is approximately $350000 USD as of the year 2021. He has earned most of his earnings from his modeling career and TV game shows such as The Price is Right. He also makes a decent net worth from his small and large businesses investment.

james o’halloran films

Early Childhood Life and Education

Born on October 20, 1984, in Melbourne, Australia, his zodiac is Libra. He is 37 years old as of 2022. He is married, and his wife presently lives in Los Angeles. There are no consolidated facts about James’s educational history or family background. 

Since he worked as an industrial engineer in the early phase of his career, he must have acquired a bachelor’s degree in engineering from an Australian university. He left his job to pursue acting. He is also seen riding a motorcycle and enjoying playing musical instruments.

james o’halloran films

Career life of James O’Halloran

James O’Halloran started his acting career in the entertainment industry in Australia, where he took part in television series. Deadly Crush and Cynthia are some feature films where he had taken leading roles. When he relocated to the US in 2014, he became the second male model of The Price is Right, a famous game program. 

Some other episodes where he has appeared are- The Talk, The Catch, The Young, Notorious, Suburban Swingers Club, and The Restless. He has maintained a successful acting career along with a modeling career. He started his acting career in Offspring, Never Tear Us Apart, and Twentysomething.

james o’halloran films

Married Life of James O’Halloran’s

Female fans of James O’Halloran’s are curious to know about his wife. Jaimee Gooley is the lucky lady, and it is said that the couple met for the first time in Melbourne Cup, Australia. They have no children yet. James married Jaimee Gooley in a private wedding ceremony in Red Hill Mornington Peninsula. The couple went to Europe for their honeymoon. They often go on vacations together to several countries.

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