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Do you love 'The Haunting' franchise over on Netflix? Delve into what the critics think of Mike Flanagan's next Netflix series 'Midnight Mass'.

Is Mike Flanagan’s ‘Midnight Mass’ better than ‘The Haunting’ franchise?

Midnight Mass is the next show from Mike Flanagan following his success on Netflix’s The Haunting franchise. The upcoming series, according to Netflix, follows “the tale of a small, isolated island community whose existing divisions are amplified by the return of a disgraced young man (Zach Gilford) and the arrival of a charismatic priest (Hamish Linklater).” 

The real question is, well, is the series as good as The Haunting franchise? After all, The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor are some seriously excellent pieces of horror television. Can this new Netflix series, even with the same team behind-the-scenes, snatch that crown? Let’s see how critics feel about the new Netflix series.



Well, it sounds like it sent someone.


We’re curious

That’s just only two episodes?!


New heights

Has Mike Flanagan topped The Haunting franchise?



Listen, the best horror ties into real world themes & fears.


Keep bringing us this, Mister Flanagan

Give us good horror!



Can’t wait to be astounded & terrified.


It can all be grand

The Haunting is no longer Flangan’s best series to critics.



Hamish Linklater sounds like the one to watch. 



Horror peeps can have the series. As a treat.


Tears & fears

Can’t wait to be terrified and cry.

Do you love The Haunting series? Are you excited to see if Midnight Mass lives up to the hype from the critics? Let us know in the comments below! 

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