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Happy belated birthday to Michel B. Jordan. From these hot pics, we know he's having a great Valentine's Day with his girlfriend. Check them out!

Michael B. Jordan and his girlfriend are couple goals: These photos prove it

After playing a hunky version of Alexa in one of the Super Bowl’s most talked about commercials, Michael B. Jordan is clearly living up to the title of “Sexiest Man Alive” in the eyes of his girlfriend. 

Michael B. Jordan has officially turned thirty-four on February 9th, and Lori Harvey let the world know for his birthday. Over on Instagram, Harvey gushed: “It’s my baby’s birthday! My favorite headache, my big baby, my best friend, my sweet, stubborn crazy a$$ Aquarius, and the sexiest man alive.”

TV fans will remember Michael B. Jordan from All My Children and Friday Night Lights. However, his movie roles such as The Human Torch in Fantastic 4 and Kilmonger in Black Panther have made him one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. The raucous reactions of his Super Bowl commercial are only adding to his star power.

Let’s take a look at how Jordan was celebrated by Steve Harvey’s daughter.

Green light affair

Whether they were waiting for the elevator or for an Uber ride, Michael B. Jordan’s girlfriend didn’t delay in taking a quick selfie of her birthday boy embracing her from behind. Wrapped in green with orange heels & a bag to match, Lori clearly has more in store for her boyfriend.

Bundled up birthday

For every mirror they found themselves in front of, Harvey saw the perfect opportunity to post Instagram story shout-outs. Prepared to face the tundra together, Michael B Jordan’s girlfriend matched him in pearly-white outerwear. Easily the most sporty of the birthday photo montage, this is a couple whose love can withstand any kind of weather with fashion to match.

Late night smiles

Snapped in shades and wrapped in a black turtleneck, Michael B. Jordan was all over Lori Harvey’s story, flashing his signature smile with evident birthday vibes. From the angles to the captions, we can all take a page out of Lori’s book on how to shout out birthdays on Instagram. 

Back in black

Black-tie only affairs clearly did not apply to Mr. Jordan as he and his girlfriend posed for pictures in a regal hallway, Lori draped in glistening black fabric and red-bottom heels. Jordan was snug in an all-black-everything fitted suit, inviting all imaginations toward the neckline behind his unbuttoned collar. 

Kodak moments

“I hope today has been half as special as you are,” Harvey continued as picture after doting picture chronicled her boyfriend’s special day. Their black attire melted into the background as Christmas-themed polaroid photos moved off of Lori’s story and onto her profile grid.

White bouquets

Since the couple confirmed their relationship on January 10th, birthdays for Lori seem to be equally celebrated by Michael. Her twenty-fourth birthday included fifteen bouquets of white roses from her beau. 

This kind of treatment perfectly aligns with Jordan’s portrayal of Alexa during Amazon’s Super Bowl halftime show. Using his Black Panther physique to full comedic effect, Jordan’s character bent to every whim of the commercial’s flirty wife character. From reading books in the bath to making sure the lawn is watered, we have no doubt Lori is receiving the same kind of treatment in real life.

Mission accomplished

Michael B. Jordan and his girlfriend are clearly unmatched when it comes to celebrating birthdays. Looking full & warm in dark outerwear, the couple brought the festivities to the edge of the forest for a snowy ride-or-die photo. This is one of those photos that show beyond any doubt how Lori and Michael feel about each other. We should all be so lucky.

Michael B. Jordan and his girlfriend sure know how to do birthdays in style. How does your beau stack up? Let us know in the comments!

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