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Michael B. Jordan has been declared by People magazine to be the “Sexiest Man Alive”. Check out his Instagram posts here.

Michael B. Jordan is 2020’s “Sexiest Man Alive”: His Instagram proves it

Michael B. Jordan has been declared by People magazine to be the “Sexiest Man Alive” and we couldn’t agree more! On November 18, People confirmed Jordan as the thirty-fifth male hottie to receive this title. The news first surfaced on the TV show, Live with Jimmy Kimmel

According to InStyle, the actor decided to hide his gorgeous body from the world with a “yellow hazmat suit with a giant smiley face covering his real face” for a recent, socially-distanced appearance. He didn’t just hide his appearance as a gag, though! The actor sat down and answered a few questions from fans via Zoom while they tried to figure out who was behind the bright mask. 

If you want more reasons why Michael B. Jordan is adorable, and deserves to be dubbed “Sexiest Man Alive”, look no further than his Instagram! 

“Dashing, Driven and Daring” 

People placed Michael B. Jordan on the cover of their November issue, calling him “Dashing, Driven and Daring.” People posted the cover on Instagram with the caption titled “Introducing 2020s #SexiestManAlive” and “the actor, thirty-three, opens up about family, confidence and what he’s looking for when it comes to love.” 

That hair! 

Michael B. Jordan’s best Instagram moments start with his incredible range with hairstyles. Jordan gets his hair done by a stylist who slowly shows us his many African looks. A video of Jordan sitting outside under the leafy-green shade reminds us that he really does have it all. 

Lip bite

That bottom lip bite! Most people would see a man enjoying his new Playstation game, but for us, we see a man who’s completely passionate about his gaming, and we would love to join in on the fun! Michael B. Jordan said it himself, the “graphics are fire”. 

Hot! Hot! Hot! 

Somebody, call a firetruck! Michael B. Jordan smolders in the hot sun and the only thing that can protect him from the sun’s violent rays is his shirt – nowhere to be found. This Instagram post has two images. The first shows Jordan holding his pants with a blue bandana over his face.  The second shows Jordan relaxing against a very old orange Chevrolet. 

Go for the Gold! 

Michael B. Jordan is officially in the Olympics! Well, the frisbee Olympics! No cheerleaders in sight, only Michael B. Jordan running around on a green field. A four-minute video shows him & his friendly team playing an intense game of frisbee. 


The man needs to eat! Our love of pizza and Michael B. Jordan is too much to handle in this May snapshot, capturing him enjoying his guilty pleasure. In the caption, Jordan confesses: “Yes, I put Honey on my pizza go head. . .judge me.” We will take two slices please?

Mama’s boy 

The love Jordan has for his mother. Calling his mother, “Queen”, we see how much he adores his mother and wishes her a very beautiful Happy Mothers’ Day. The other images pay tribute to his partner Jamila and how happy he is that she “survived being locked in the house with a newborn”. 

Spring fever

Spring is here because the butterflies around Michael B. Jordan say it all. With relaxing music in the background, we watch shirtless Jordan meditating in a virtual world. You will automatically go to your happy place if you watch this post. 

The People have spoken! 

People also placed a short clip of the actor announcing his sexy title and to his surprise, he repeated the phrase “The people said it.” The actor ends off the one minute video saying it is definitely “a cool club to be a part of”. Congratulations Michael B. Jordan!


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