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Meghan Markle is putting her net worth to good use. Discover all the cringey film projects Meghan worked on to make the big bucks.

How did Meghan Markle make her net worth? All her cringey projects

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle put their net worth to good use, and in March the couple bought a beautiful Santa Barbara home. Harry & Megan bought the home for a quieter, slower pace of life, intended to be a perfect place to raise their son Archie in as normal a way possible. 

However, things can’t ever be too normal for little Archie considering his mom’s a former Hollywood actress and his dad’s a former prince of England. His parents also have a combined net worth of over $30 million in the bank. Meghan’s net worth contributes to $5 million of that sum – not bad, considering Meghan’s been out of the acting game for a few years. 

While Meghan Markle never made it to a household name as an actress, she was on some well-known projects including the film Remember Me and, most notably, the TV show Suits. Meghan’s also been in her fair share of questionable projects as well. Let’s take a peek at the more cringey contributions to the Meghan Markle net worth. 


Deceit was a made-for-TV movie starring Emmannuelle Chriqui & Matt Long. The story saw Long as a man who returns to his hometown after the death of his father and starts an affair with Chriqui’s character, who happens to be the wife of his best friend. 

Markle appeared in Deceit in 2006, when the former actress was just twenty-five. Markle only had a small role in the film, playing Gwen the best friend of a lead character named Claudia. Deceit was trying to be a gritty noir thriller, along the lines of Double Indemnity or Body Heat. Let’s just say it didn’t quite live up to the classics. 

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down isn’t as terrible as the title implies. It’s yet another made-for-TV project that was actually intended to be a pilot for a series that didn’t make the cut. The plot of the movie follows a night of partying in L.A. and deals out some words of wisdom on how to handle drugs, hook-ups, and undesirable situations while hitting up the city’s hotspots. 

Markle joins the cast as Dana, who finds herself zipping into a skin-tight dress, on the hunt for a new man. There are a few notable actors on the cast list including New Girl’s Max Greenfield & The Mindy Project’s Adam Pally. While The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down is definitely cringey, it’s the kind of cringey that edges toward cult. 

When Sparks Fly

Here we enter Meghan’s Hallmark movie phase and boy oh boy! this one’s Fourth of July themed! Hallmark movies come with that reputation of saccharine indulgence in family values & predictable romantic endings. 

Meghan’s movie titled When Sparks Fly (yep, that’s what it’s called) is about journalist Amy Peterson (Markle) who just isn’t happy with her fast-paced life in the big city. Amy gets roped into planning her best friend’s Fourth of July wedding and who should conveniently be there but Amy’s ex-boyfriend Hank (Christopher Jacot). Will Amy & Hank rekindle their romance? Spoiler alert: they will. 

Dater’s Handbook 

Another Hallmark movie sees Meghan Markle as Cassandra Brand who just can’t seem to get a handle on this “love business” as she always picks the wrong fella. Cassandra or Cass enlists the help of Dr. Susie’s latest self-help book and follows the book’s advice on how to evaluate potential suitors. Things get a little out of hand when Cass has to decide between two admirers, George & Robert. 

It goes without saying Dater’s Handbook is certainly one of Meghan’s more cringey projects  – and that anyone who follows advice from someone named Dr. Susie deserves whatever’s coming to them.

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