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New information regarding the case of Ghislaine Maxwell has now been revealed. Find out all the latest news of the ongoing controversial trial here.

What Ghislaine Maxwell secrets are unsealed now? See the new docs

Because of numerous documentaries and the power of social media, the case of Ghislaine Maxwell was probably one of the most popular conversation topics on the web last year, but what is she up to now? Follow along to read about all the details regarding her trial here. 

Sent to court

On Monday, news broke that a US judge officially rejected an attempt made by Ghislaine Maxwell to keep a deposition excerpt from 2016 private, so what have we found out now because of it? 

Reuters reported that the former lover of Jeffrey Epstein made an effort to keep this deposition excerpt under wraps because she believed it “could undermine her criminal trial on charges she aided the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and committed perjury”. 

Loretta Preska, the US District judge wrote: “There is no reason not to unseal this portion of testimony. While the court acknowledges Ms. Maxwell’s interest in a fair criminal trial, Ms. Maxwell can argue all her points to the presiding judge in her criminal trial, as she has already.”

Twenty lines released 

The deposition in question is one all the way back from July 22, 2016. This civil defamation lawsuit brought against Ghislaine Maxwell from one of her & Epstein’s victims, Virginia Giuffre, has now been settled. 

Large sections of the deposition had already been released in the past by Judge Preska, but Euro Weekly reported that Maxwell is now claiming that “the twenty lines of testimony are the basis of one of the perjury charges against her”. 

Reuters announced that the Manhattan-based judge affirmed that “Maxwell had only a ‘minimal’ privacy interest in the 20-line excerpt, because it concerned massages and not private sexual activity of consenting adults, and the public had a right to see her testimony”.  

Euro Weekly announced that US District Judge Alison Nathan has been appointed to decide whether to admit or suppress the deposition, “with Maxwell arguing that the prosecution is only trying to convict her because they have no other target since Epstein died”. 

Ghislaine Maxwell believed the transcript shouldn’t be included in the trial, and claimed prosecutors had gotten ahold of the deposition transcript illegally. Her lawyers argued that if the testimony is released, then any argument they had prepared would be compromised. 

Victoria Giuffre 

The perjury charges from the 2016 case that has now been brought back into light include Ghislaine Maxwell denying she ever gave her former lover Jeffrey Epstein or anyone else a massage. Maxwell also denied in the case that she was aware Epstein had sex toys, and also denied knowing he ever engaged in sexual intercourse with anyone except herself and two other women from the 1990’s to 2000’s. 

CNN reported that in the 2016 case that is now still continuing to be uncovered, Victoria Giuffre had described in court the details of how Ghislaine Maxwell recruited her into Jeffrey Epstein’s purported sex trafficking ring when she was a teen. Giuffre claimed she was instructed to engage in sexual intercourse with numerous high-profile men, one of them being Prince Andrew

The deposition entails attorneys pressing Victoria Giuffre with all the names of men she was forced to engage in sexual acts with, and the attorney conducting names brought up in interview such as Prince Andrew, former Mexico governor Bill Richardson, someone described as “another prince”, and another described as “the large hotel chain owner”.

In response, an emotional Giuffre responded with: “‘Look, I’ve given you what I know right now. I’m sorry. This is very hard for me and very frustrating to have to go over this. I don’t — I don’t recall all of the people. There was a large amount of people that I was sent to”. 

Reuters announced that Ghislaine Maxwell is now “separately seeking to dismiss all or part of the indictment, arguing in part that prosecutors are targeting her only because Epstein is dead and she serves as a ‘substitute’ for him”.

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