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Ghislaine Maxwell has been kicking up a fuss about her living conditions ever since she's been imprisoned. Here's her current gripe.

Here’s what Ghislaine Maxwell is complaining about in jail now

Turns out jail isn’t the same as a stay at the Ritz Carlton. Who knew? Apparently Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t. She’s had multiple complaints about her living conditions since her stay in Brooklyn jail. She’s used words such as “intolerable” to describe her experiences even though word on the street is she’s got it much better than other lower profile inmates. 

If you didn’t want to do the “intolerable” time then maybe you shouldn’t have done the alleged crime, hmm Maxwell? As you probably already know, Maxwell has been accused of grooming minors, sex trafficking, and perjury. It is believed she helped her deceased buddy Jeffrey Epstein trick young women into becoming sex slaves. After a long while in hiding, her presumed role as madam finally landed her in prison. 

They’ve had to take precautions at the jail to make sure she doesn’t drop out of the land of the living and avoid official conviction. While some may be content to think she’ll get her just desserts on the other side, most of us still want to see the hammer go down this side of the veil. In the U.S. court system we tentatively trust.

“Intolerable” living conditions 

Anyone who’s been to jail or even just flicked on the television to one of the many true crime shows airing, knows that going to jail is no walk in the park. You’re stripped of your belongings, strip searched, and then catalogued like cattle. It’s not exactly the most humanizing of experiences. 

When you’re as high profile an inmate as Ghislaine Maxwell the status comes with both advantages & disadvantages. The advantages are she gets to have her own phone, her own prison cell, not one, but two computers, and even her own shower. (Everyone knows communal prison showers are to be feared.) Did we mention her own TV? 

Despite Maxwell’s claims of inhumane and “intolerable” living conditions it hardly seems to be the case. Surely there are prisoners out there who wish they had the privacy and technological access she does. 

What’s the issue now, Maxwell? 

So what is Maxwell complaining about? Well, there are not so fun things unique to her current living situation as well. 

The disadvantages of being a high profile prisoner of Ghislaine Maxwell’s caliber is she’s both strip searched and monitored more than usual. In order to make sure she’s neither been slipped anything to make her stay is too easy, nor slipped anything to make her stay end prematurely (if you know what we mean), the observation schedule on Maxwell is pretty tight. 

Since her partner in crime died in prison before his trial ran its course, everyone wants to make sure Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t do the same. Ensuring this includes things like the strip searches and checking on Maxwell every fifteen minutes just to make sure she’s still breathing. You can imagine how irritating it must be to have a flashlight shined on you at fifteen minute intervals in the middle of the night. 

In addition to the disruption to a sound sleep schedule, Ghislaine Maxwell has taken issue with the quality of electronics she’s been given access to. As stated by the New York Post she’s described her computer setup as “utterly inadequate”. 

Apparently the prison’s computer system suddenly shuts down about every two hours and this causes Maxwell to have to reboot the computer in a process that her lawyer’s described as lasting twenty to thirty minutes. As Maxwell tries to review her case she’s constantly having to waste time during these intervals as she waits and is forced to find where she’s left off.  

Bobbi Sternheim, Ghislaine Maxwell lawyer, wrote to the judge saying the situation causes “Ms. Maxwell to reboot the computer and find her place in the documents to resume her review.” Prison world problems, are we right? 

In response to Maxwell’s complaints that prison computers were both too slow and constantly shutting off, Maxwell was “hand delivered” a laptop by the feds to work from, so as not to impede her review process. 

The Metropolitan Detention Center asked the judge to at least force Maxwell to only have access to prison desktop computers during weekends & holidays so her treatment would more closely mirror the treatment of other inmates. This request was recently denied. 

It looks like in the interest of being able to nail her with as many charges as possible in the long run Ghislaine Maxwell is being given some exclusive treatment in jail. If and when her convictions go through, may her extra computer time now keep her company during a potentially extra long prison stay in the future. 

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