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On Monday more court documents were unsealed in the Virginia Roberts Giuffre case against Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyer, Alan Dershowitz. What else was revealed?

What will the Virginia Roberts Giuffre case reveal about Jeffrey Epstein?

On Monday more court documents were unsealed in the Virginia Roberts Giuffre case against Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer, Alan Dershowitz. Giuffre has accused a number of Jeffrey Epstein’s friends and colleagues of sexual abuse and exploitation and has stated that she was trafficked to Dershowitz at least six times, starting when she was only 16. Dershowitz is denying these accusations and accusing Giuffre of extortion.

Extortion claims

Alan Dershowitz is requesting that ex-Victoria’s Secret CEO Les Wexner and his attorney John Zeiger appear in court, but the two have attempted to avoid the subpoena. Dershowitz subpoenaed Wexner and Zeiger so they can testify that Virginia Roberts Giuffre was paid an out of court sum to keep quiet about abuses she suffered from Lex Wexner. Dershowitz claims this out of court payment was a “shakedown” tactic.

Wexner might prove Dershowitz wrong

Jeffrey Epstein was Les Wexner’s financial manager for over 20 years and the two had a very close relationship. Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyer has also requested documents and testimony from Wexner.  Wexner has likely been avoiding an appearance in court since he will be opening to questioning from both sides if he makes an appearance. Wexner has agreed to provide information only under a strict protective order.    

Wexner could expose more than expected

Since Wexner had close ties to Jeffrey Epstein, it’s likely that a court appearance will expose even more secrets in the Epstein case and open Wexner up to accusations from more than just Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz insists that he has evidence Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s accusations are just an extortion scam, but Giuffre’s lawyer is calling this accusation a distraction from his own misconduct.

Giuffre welcomes Wexner’s deposition

Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyer claims that he did have communication with Wexner’s lawyer and that he can confirm that “no extortion demand was ever made, no settlement was entered into, and not a penny (or other consideration) was ever paid”. In fact, it’s likely that the letter will prove that Wexner has no personal knowledge of any so-called extortion claim. 

Documents released on Monday give evidence of Wexner’s association with Jeffrey Epstein. One of the letters released seems to undermine Alan Dershowitz’s claim against Virginia Roberts Giuffre. In a phone interview, Giuffre’s lawyer says these letters are a “smoking gun” against Dershowitz. If Dershowitz’s claims against Giuffre are proven wrong, it could bring into question Dershowitz’s character and help Giuffre’s case. 

Wexner is roped in

Involving Les Wexner in the counter-lawsuit against Virginia Roberts Giuffre might prove to be a major mistake for Alan Dershowitz. Since Wexner was such a close associate with Jeffrey Epstein, it’s likely that more hidden information will be made public than Dershowitz would like. It’s unclear what relationship Wexner and Dershowitz have or had in the past, but this case may open up new skeletons. 

The fact that Alan Dershowitz is trying to countersue a victim of sexual assault and exploitation is reprehensible, but the evidence has yet to be made public. A hearing over the matter is set for August 17th, where both Dershowitz and Giuffre’s lawyers will need to inform the judge of their discussions and what they have decided in regards to the to pursue the requests for Wexner’s deposition and evidence.  

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