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It’s December 1st: It’s finally time for Mariah Carey memes

If you celebrate Christmas, or live in a society where it’s inescapable each December, you know very well it’s pretty much impossible to get through the season without listening to Mariah Carey’s rendition of All I Want for Christmas is You. On repeat. Over the years, the internet has taken to parodying the song on the basis of it being so darn catchy and thus so darn . . . overplayed. 

In honor of it officially being December, (which essentially equals Christmas in our book), here’s a compilation of the very best and most hilariously relatable Mariah memes. Let us know in the comments which one speaks to you the most!

Retail worker horror

This meme will resonate with everyone who’s ever worked a retail job during the holiday season. We may love Mariah and her holiday spirit, but when you have to listen to it ten times a day for a month? No offense, Mariah, but . . . that kinda sounds like torture! 

Get in loser

This meme puts a hilarious spin on the classic scene from Mean Girls, in which Regina George pulls up in her swanky car and says: “Get in, loser. We’re going shopping.” This Christmas twist pokes fun at us for listening to All I Want for Christmas way too much and we’re totally here for it.

Brace yourselves

Game of Thrones meets Mariah Carey? We’re in. This meme shows Ned Stark during his iconic line: “Brace yourselves… winter is coming.” But he’s holding a candy cane, and instead of winter, it’s Mariah. Indeed, Mariah is coming. Brace your eardrums, cause this song has to be played loud.

I don’t want a lot

If you’re a fan of puns, you can’t get much better than this meme. We’ll let it speak for itself. 

November 1st

Here’s one for everyone who puts on their Santa hat at midnight on Halloween. Yes, you! Treating the end of Halloween like Christmas, completely ignoring Thanksgiving, is a crime a lot of us are guilty of. Don’t try to deny it! 

It’s on repeat

In case you still feel underrepresented as a retail worker who’s been forced to listen to All I Want for Christmas in your workplace so much that you’ve started to hate the iconic song, here’s another hilarious meme for you. If Simon Pegg saying “it’s on repeat” through tears doesn’t resonate with you then we just don’t know what will.

Among Us meets Mariah

Another meme that perfectly encapsulates the jarring shift into Christmas music right at the beginning of the holiday season also provides some hilarious  Among Us humor. Here, a character that represents summer pop is attacked and replaced by Mariah. All hail Mariah! 

The hash slinging slasher

Here’s a meme that combines Mariah and one of our favorite Spongebob characters: the hash slinging slasher. The “terrifying” figure looms in front of the Krusty Krab and promises to terrorize November with All I Want for Christmas is You. We’re pretty much dying laughing.

Peacefully enjoying the holidays

Another hilariously resonant meme shows a man who’s unknowingly underneath a menacing-looking tree. Hint: the tree is Mariah Carey’s classic. And the dude is pretty much all of us as soon as Halloween is over.


Finally, we just want to close things off by reminding everyone, all jokes aside, just how iconic Mariah really is. Longest running #1 in history? Eighteen #1’s? Name someone who’s killing it harder than she is. We’ll wait! 


With the holidays right in the corner, it’s important to get into the spirit. And what better way to do that than to crank some Mariah Carey tunes? 

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