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Do you have some manly men in your life? Here's how to show them your appreciation this Christmas with thoughtful gifts.

Manly men need love too: The best gift ideas for this holiday season

It’s the peak of the Christmas shopping season, which means the procrastinators are scrambling to find the perfect gift for the men in their lives. The manly men in your life may pretend they need nothing, but there’s plenty of great ideas out there for gifts. 

Even the most difficult man has something he desires. These gift ideas may not be perfect for every man, but there’s at least one thing on this list you can get on this list for any man you care about. 

A meaty gift pack

Who doesn’t love beef jerky? It’s the perfect snack for anyone, but especially for the hardworking man on-the-go. The Manly Man Company (appropriately named) offers bouquets made out of beef jerky. If you’re looking for a more holiday-themed gift, the company also offers stockings stuffed with beef jerky.

You can get a tactical stocking in army green or tan, stuffed full of a variety of beef jerky. From whisky infused to pepperoni, the flavors will leave any man’s mouth watering. The stocking also comes with a custom nameplate for the recipient, a coaster, and an official Man Card. 

Beard care products

Keeping your man’s facial hair in top shape is definitely a necessity. For the manly men with the thickest beards, you may want to grab them some beard oil. Meant to moisturize their face & condition beard hair, beard oil will keep their scruff fresh as a daisy. 

For those who have more of five o’clock shadow than a full beard, help them out with a shaving subscription. Several independent companies offer monthly subscription boxes loaded with razor blades & shaving supplies. Even major companies like Gillette & Schick offer their own subscription services. 


There’s nothing that screams manly men more than a good flannel shirt. No man will turn down a fresh flannel, especially one monogrammed to be special for them. L.L. Bean has been making high-quality flannel shirts for years, but they also offer monogrammed shirts. Give your man a custom flannel shirt so they know you always want to keep them warm. 

Alcohol accessories

Whether they prefer whiskey, beer, or scotch, there’s plenty of glassware you can get your manly men for Christmas. Starting off, so many places offer unique flasks for the man who likes to have some whiskey close by. You can even get a customized flask with his name to make sure everyone knows not to mess with his flask. 

If they prefer a can or bottle of beer, get them a collection of comedic beer koozies. You can give their beer a beard, a bulletproof vest, or even a flannel shirt of its own. Koozies make great stocking stuffers, regardless of what kind of koozie you get your manly men. 

Lastly, nothing beats a unique beer or scotch glass. Many breweries offer glasses for shipping, allowing you to get your man a glass featuring his favorite beer. We sound like a broken record, but there’s also plenty of personalization websites that offer custom scotch glasses. You can get him a full set with his initals on them, to make them feel more unique than something you’d get at Target. 

Grilling tools

Gifts relating to grilling seem more like a Father’s Day tradition, but you can still give the manly men in your life tools for the grill. There are a thousand different gadgets you can get the head chef of your grill. Digital thermometers, grill cleaning kits, cast-iron pans, and aprons all make great gifts for grilling fanatics.

Bonus: Get manly wrapping paper

While all of these gifts scream man, nothing screams manly men more than bacon-scented wrapping paper. When you stick these gifts under the tree, grab yourself a roll from The Manly Man Company for only $19.95. Before they even dig into the present, the men in your life will be overjoyed by the scratch & sniff paper. 

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