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Keeping up with the ever-changing makeup trends might sound difficult but here’s a simple breakdown of life-changing ideas.

Struggling to find your inner MUA? Experiment with these makeup ideas

Popular makeup artists are popping up on social media all the time, spreading the word about their favorite brands, products, cosmetic tools, and more. One of the best things that super popular MUAs like to publicize are the magical tips & tricks they use to make themselves, or their face models, look absolutely stunning. Keeping up with the ever-changing makeup trends might sound difficult but here’s a simple breakdown.

Nikkie de Jager: Eliminating dark circles 

Taking makeup ideas from a beauty guru like Nikkie de Jager makes more sense than anything else because she is someone who looks so perfectly put together at any given moment. Fans will never catch her slipping when it comes to her look of perfection. Part of that flawlessness exists because she takes the time to eliminate the dark circles she has under her eyes. She’s revealed her secret for others to emulate.

Jager uses a blend of two different colored concealer shades to handle the issue by combining one that is an exact match and another in a much lighter shade. Creating the illusion of a lack of dark circles under one’s eyes can change the entire dynamic of their look. 

Huda Kattan: Creating a dewy complexion

Creating that perfect dewy complexion isn’t the easiest feat for people just getting started in the world of makeup. Sometimes an attempted dewy look comes out too shiny and resembles an appearance of sweat. Not too many people are big fans of the sweaty look! 

Huda Kattan’s official website gives directions to combine foundation with moisturizer before applying to the face. 

Using a formulated serum is another great option when it comes to achieving a dewy complexion without looking too cakey. The foundation mixed with a moisturizer or serum should be applied with clean fingertips and then finished off with a damp makeup sponge.

Manny MUA: Silicone-based primers

Manny Gutierrez, aka Manny MUA, is one of the most beloved & active beauty bloggers on the scene at the moment. His YouTube channel has pulled in over 4.87 million subscribers as it stands today, and his follower count is constantly growing. The reason for his success is because he knows what he’s doing in the cosmetics scene. He has great advice for anyone who struggles with the appearance of having larger pores.

Gutierrez’s best makeup idea to shrink pores is to use a silicone-based primer before applying any other makeup to facial skin. Silicone-based primers are known to smooth out the skin and make it look totally fresh.

Michelle Phan: Lip prepping

Before experimenting with top notch lipsticks, lip stains, and lipglosses, it’s important to pay attention to lip prepping steps first. Michelle Phan is a huge advocate for lip prepping and she suggests covering the top & bottom lip in several layers of lip cushion to create a healthier & puffier lip appearance. Her makeup idea to use a lip cushion is also known to help fill in any cracks and lines that lips might naturally have. 

Michelle Phan has been a reliable source of beauty advice for over a decade with popular YouTube tutorials teaching viewers how to copy her divine looks step by step. Her tutorials range from Barbie to zombie looks.

Kandee Johnson: Harsh weather products 

Battling it out against harsh weather conditions is no fun for anybody. Who wants to deal with dry winds, scorching heat, or frigid coldness? Kandee Johnson, makeup guru of the century, has some tips to handle unfortunate weather patterns people can’t always avoid. She advises several helpful products and makeup ideas to keep on you at all times.

The first item is a lip balm in order to avoid dry lips. The second item is a concealer to avoid a red nose. The third item is setting spray to help lock in & solidify a look despite any weather condition that might arise.

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