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Ready to throw it back and relive the 90s? Experience a kick of nostalgia here by remembering all the most iconic make-up trends of the 90s decade here.

Throw it back with these iconic makeup looks from the 90s

When we think of the 90s era, numerous images cross our minds – from Friends to Backstreet Boys to crop tops and low-rise denims, they all take us back to the pop culture explosion that the 90s was. And in the beauty world, ultra thin eyebrows and blue eyeshadow remained iconic of 90s makeup.

However, 90s makeup didn’t just start & end there. With a vivid color palette and a bolder spirit, inspiration from different cultural happenings, and traditional media entertainment on the rise – the margin for experimenting was greater than ever and for that, 90s makeup looks made sure to deliver. 

Here’s a throwback to iconic 90s makeup looks, some of which we’d love to bring back while with some, we’re glad they’re not on the trend anymore.

Kohl-rimmed eyes

Staying true to the grunge scene, the Kohl-rimmed eyes were just an everyday makeup look in the 90s. Simply, line your lids & waterline with a Kohl pencil and smudge them with your ring finger. Pair the look with a shiny gloss or satin lipstick and voilà, you’re back to the 90s and using “as if” as a response to every sentence spoken to you!

Kate Moss is an icon for 90s grunge makeup, and she has worn looks with Kohl-rimmed eyes countless times in her career. 

Overlined lips

A signature of the 90s makeup, the combination of lined lips topped with a light colored lipstick or nude lip gloss was often worn by celebrities to create the illusion of fuller lips. To recreate this look, start by lining your lips with a brown lip liner and fill in the lips with a lighter shade of nude lipstick or gloss than the liner. 

Victoria Beckham pioneered this look in the 1990s before it became a mainstream trend. 

Icy eyeshadow

Whether it’s icy blue or soft lilac, pastel eyeshadows were super popular in the 1990s. And what made them stand out even more was the trend of swiping these light-colored shades all over the spanse of the lid, and sometimes even using the same to highlight the brow bone. The eyeshadows were paired with simple coats of mascara and pencil-thin eyebrows to keep the look light & airy. 

From Jennifer Lopez to Angelina Jolie, most of the celebs in 90s had tried this look at some point.

Dark lipsticks

Dark, berry-colored lipsticks were worn often in the 90s contributing to the Nirvana-esque grunge scene. While cool-toned berry lips were thriving, warm-toned true browns or brown reds were also a part of the 90s makeup looks. From red carpets to prom nights, dark lipsticks were a staple for the 90s.

Actresses like Cameron Diaz & Drew Barrymore have often worn this look in the 90s.

Body glitter

If anyone’s ever bought little containers of body glitter from Claire’s, say “Aye!” in the comments. Body glitter was a 90s makeup item that was fortunately or unfortunately stashed away in the out-of-trend out-of-sight occurrence. 

But at one point in the 90s, body glitter was a popular body makeup sprinkled on open areas of the body such as off-shoulders or revealing slivers of the tummy to spruce up the “glowing” look.

Spider lashes

Framing your eyes with spider-fluttery lashes was totally a trend of 90s; the makeup look was usually paired with dark lips. While spider lashes aren’t loved by everyone, most “90s girls” loved to coat their lashes with multiple coats of mascara to create the look.

Think the look is too heavy? Try this look using faux lashes that are clumped together or apply mascara to them before sticking them on to create the cluster-y spider effect.

Naomi Campbell was one celeb who kept rocking spider lashes in almost every one of her looks.

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