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Hairstyles are a big part of fashion. Here are the most popular hair trends that are going to take off in 2021.

Top 5 popular hair trends of 2021

The last year has been one of trials, self-discovery, and reinvention. We’ve thought about health, of the contrasts of light and dark, of who we are, and what we show to the world.

Thankfully, VoCê’s top 2021 hair trends show us that we have some exciting and diverse looks on the palette and can choose what speaks to us.

Familiar and Timeless Colors

Over the last year, a lot of us have become quite familiar with our roots, watching our natural color creep in on us like unwanted DMs. Thankfully, this year we’re embracing natural colors just as much as we are the fun and fantastical pastels.

There’s also a noticeable trend for solid, one-dimensional dark colors as a complement to starker and more dramatic hairstyles. Soft browns and caramel tones are showing a strong presence along with rich chocolatey browns.

A subtle balayage as always continues to be in style for animating your curly or wavy hair, giving it that contrasting pop while not looking too forced. Similarly, the Ombre is strong this year, especially with warm, darker tones fading to subtly lighter to evoke a sunbathed look. Shadow roots are also making a comeback which require a little less maintenance to keep the look going strong.

As we approach the spring, we may see the trend return to brighter colors to match the changing mood and weather. Picking your color and cut together ensures that you have a strong and cohesive look that works well with this year’s fashion goals.

Styles Taking us Back—The ‘90s and Beyond

There’s no denying that the ’90s were filled with questionable fashion choices, but not all of it is that bad. We’re seeing a return to some of the more fun and playful styles for 2021, and they can be embraced for different hair types. 

Chin Length Bobs

The iconic chin-length bob—which can be worn messy, straight, or styled for more formal occasions—is making a statement, and works well for those with straighter hair. Some are opting for a shorter and sweeping bob, which will be more complimentary with summer fashions. Likewise, for those with curly or wavy hair, we’re anticipating seeing the volume and textures being played up for maximum effect, and balayage to make it truly stand out.

The Mullet

One of the more surprising additions we’re seeing is the resurgence of the mullet. This modified incarnation is a little less dramatic than what first comes to mind in the public perception, but it has been growing in popularity since Zendaya’s Grammys appearance, and Barbie Ferreira showed hers off at New York Fashion Week. Some adaptations of the cut can be made for maximum versatility, shifting from punk rock to formal.

Perennial Pixie Cuts

Playful and ever-popular, the pixie cut is back and choppier than ever. This time, we’re seeing more voluminous and textured bangs that draw your eyes in and highlight your face and its structure. Flattering for angular faces, bold makeup, and glasses, the style can be invigorating and give a youthful edge to even older generations.

Natural Hair and Textures

Tantalizing textures are back in, showing the love that natural hair deserves. Play it up for bold shapes and show-stopping movement. Tight curls and explosive volume share the spotlight alongside protective styles like box braids in all occasions. Not only fashionable but practical, they can be performed at home with skilled hands. 

The High Pony

Seductive and sleek high ponies are also making a return, frequently seen being rocked by pop icons and models showing off their graceful features to the max. This style can show fierce and powerful energy, challenging and dominating—or it can be playful, cute, and sometimes coy depending on how you introduce it to your individual style. A good leave-in conditioner helps to keep it smooth and prevent it from getting blown apart by the wind—or getting crunchy from hairspray.

With the return of so many iconic styles coupled with more modern trends, there’s going to be a ton of hot looks this year. Don’t be afraid to go bold and daring, but remember to take good care of your hair—its health is the foundation and key to any well-executed look. Invest in yourself by getting high-quality products with organic extracts, natural ingredients, and free from harsh chemicals. You’re definitely worth it.

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