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The Untitled Tracy Oliver series at Amazon fired a make-up artist for the use of the N-word. Learn why some people think her firing is unfair.

Tracy Oliver’s new project: Was a makeup artist on wrongfully fired?

There are some words that are tricky to navigate in the cultural lexicon. Some depend on the context in which they are said. The use of the N-word, however, is definitely a difficult negotiation. White people should just never say it. The use of it within the Black community is also hotly debated. It’s an issue that’s been discussed for years amongst all sorts of people. A make-up artist has been fired from a Tracy Oliver project over this.

But was the make-up artist wrongly fired? Most people believe so. What’s going on? Is it okay to use the N-word at a workplace within a certain context? Here’s what you need to know about what’s going on behind-the-scenes of this Tracy Oliver show.

What happened?

According to Page Six, the incident in question is as follows: a biracial make-up artist was fired for allegedly using the N-word repeatedly on the set of the untitled single-cam series created, written, and executive produced by Tracy Oliver. The incident that led to her termination took place in front of one of the lead actresses of the all-Black cast. It seems pretty straight forward.

Now, let’s take a look at the context here. While in hair & make-up, the unnamed actress requested that a rap song be played because, well, hair & make-up can take a while. The make-up artist started to sing along with the song, which has not been named, and then got to the section where the N-word was used. This resulted in her being fired on the spot for the use of that word on set. 

So she was singing and got fired?

Basically. The N-word, again, is one that stokes up a lot of passion in people because of the racist and painful history behind it. There is a movement within the Black community to reclaim the word. Like how “queer”, for example, was reclaimed by the LGBTQ+ community. Or how women are trying to reclaim words like “pussy”. Even so, people cannot use racist, sexist, derogatory words in the workplace. 

While the make-up artist did use the word, she did while singing to a song that used the N-word that was requested by the actress. So in context, it wasn’t maliciously used, and yet that’s why she was fired. That’s why people are mad about this firing from the upcoming Tracy Oliver Amazon show. 

According to Page Six, a source said, “Others in the community are outraged because this woman did not deserve what she is getting right now. She is a good person facing an untenable situation where she really did nothing wrong!” And, yes, in what we understand of the situation? The unnamed make-up artist really didn’t do anything wrong or malicious. It makes sense why people are so impassioned.

Before you ask, the make-up artist’s union Local 798 did look into the matter. They decided that no disciplinary action was needed. According to unidentified sources, they made this call because they found “zero evidence of wrongdoing, or could not establish exactly what took place because the actress and the makeup artist were the only witnesses.”

So what’s going to happen now?

The Tracy Oliver show, which is being described as “Black Sex and the City” is still going strong. Meagan Good, Grace Byers, Jerrie Johnson and Shoniqua Shandai are set to star. It follows these four friends as they navigate “sex, relationships and chasing their dreams”. No release date has been given at this time, but the series is formerly known as Harlem

As for the make-up artist? Given that she hasn’t been named, we’re assuming that she’ll go back to work and be very careful about singing along to certain songs from here on out

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