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Brian Laundrie's body may have been found, but did his parents know where he was? See some of their odd behavior.

Do Brian Laundrie’s parents know where he is?

It has been reported that human remains have been uncovered in Florida’s Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park, right near an area where some belongings that are believed to belong to fugitive Brian Laundrie were discovered by his parents, Chris & Roberta Laundrie. Odd . . . hundreds of search party members and even Dog the Bounty Hunter couldn’t find any trace of Brian Laundrie, but his parents did? 

It was reported over a week ago that the father of Brian Laundrie, whose son is still missing and remains the number one suspect in the murder of Gabby Petitio had joined the search mission for the twenty-three year old. Brian was the last person seen with Petitio before her disappearance in September. Sadly, Gabby Petito was eventually found dead, with the cause of death concluded as strangulation by human hands.

However, now that there might be a major break in the case as the medical examiner has been called to the site of the remains, we’ll soon learn whether or not Brian Laundrie is dead or still at large, as well as if his parents truly have a role in all of this, aiding their son with clues from the search party in order to protect him and save his life, regardless if he truly did murder Gabby Petito.  

Gabby Petito story

It’s been nearly two months since twenty-two year old Gabby Petito was first reported missing, only to sadly be found deceased weeks later. The primary suspect is that of her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, who was seen during a shared police interaction when both he & Gabby Petito were pulled over after a concerned citizen saw the pair fighting and made the emergency call to the local authorities. 

The caller reported to the police that they had seen Laundire slap Petitio, forcing the police to investigate the situation while recording every second of the interaction via body cams. In the video, we see & hear the police address the visual physical damage to both Petitio & Laundrie, with Petitio crying and clearly in some sort of distress. Sadly, the police failed to see the warning signs and let the couple take off. 

Petito’s body was found shortly after the incident on September 21st, 2021, with it being confirmed as Petito’s body a few days later. Now, with Brian Laundrie as the primary suspect, a nationwide manhunt was officially launched in Florida, where Laundrie is believed to still be as the media keeps tabs on his family’s home, thanks to family’s neighbors who’ve charged the media to park and report from their front lawns.

Brian Laundrie hunt

The manhunt for Brian Laundrie has now gone on for over a month, and still police in Florida have struggled to locate the missing boyfriend. The search was initially centered at the Carlton Nature Reserve near his home in North Port, where Laundrie’s parents believe he was camping. As the search for Gabby Petito’s boyfriend approaches a new month at the 25,000-acre nature reserve, hopes of finding Laundrie were slowly falling. 

Details emerged two weeks ago about the period after Laundrie returned home from a cross-country trip in Petito’s van, without Petito, on September 1st and before he left his parents’ home on September 13th. Petito’s family refers to Laundrie as the “missing piece to the puzzle” regarding what really happened to their daughter, while Laundrie’s family are hoping that their son is still alive, with some members joining the search. 

Many close to the case have claimed that, if Brian Laundrie is truly hiding in these nature reserves that he’s experiencing “hell on earth”, given the dangerous wildlife that lives in those acres. Equally, Laundrie’s case became so global that even former reality star Dog the Bounty Hunter joined the search, even recently finding a campsite that he believes to have been Laundrie’s. We’ll keep you guys updated once we learn more. 

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