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If you are a frequent user of the TikTok app, then we’re sure you understand just how addictive it is. Check out the latest trends.

Bored scrolling through TikTok? Follow the latest trends for some variety

If you are a frequent user of the TikTok app, then we’re sure you understand just how addictive it is. It’s like once you open TikTok, you’re stuck there scrolling through the trends for hours and hours and before you know it, the entire day has passed before your eyes. The TikTok app launched all the way back in 2016, currently has over 100 million monthly users in the United States alone. 

TikTok also has been downloaded over two billion times worldwide, which makes it one of the current most popular social media apps. Crazy enough, the TikTok algorithm eventually learns the type of content you’ll want to see, which will keep you scrolling through the trends, dances, recipes, or whatever it is that keeps you on that app. No matter what your interests are, we guarantee there will be something for you. 

However, while most of the stuff you’ll find scrolling through TikTok will vary based on whose account you’re on and what they’re into, there will always manage to be trends that stick out and are seen by most of the TikTok user population. Want to keep up with all the latest TikTok trends and maybe make some of your own funny videos? Let’s take a look at all the trending songs, dances, and more here. 


#greenscreenvideo #fyp

♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

“I’ll never forget you”

First up on our list of TikTok trends includes the use of the song “Never Forget You” by Noisettes. Depending on however you want to do this trend, you can make it sweet, sentimental, hilarious, or a little inappropriate. All you have to do for this trend is use this song and couple it with a video or some memorable story to tell everyone on TikTok about. 

In the example we’ve included, this person wrote in the video: “to the guy at that warriors game who hugged me bc he liked my lebron jersey”. However, in the video that played in the background, it showed that it was actually Lebron James himself that walked up to them and gave the person a hug for wearing his jersey. It’s definitely an adorable memory to share. 


Ultimate boy dad #HoldMyMilk #fyp #foryou #momdad #baby #familythings #bigfamily #foryoupage #pregnant #boydad #dadtok #momtok

♬ Touch Down 2 Cause Hell – Hd4president

“Touch Down 2 Cause Hell”

TikTok trends all have to start somewhere, and back in May 2021, TikTok user @diorfaithk posted a TikTok of her and a friend dancing to the song “Touch Down 2 Cause Hell” by HD4President. Since then, this song has been used for mainly comedic reasons. Watch our example above, in which a humongous family uses the song to joke about all the boys the mother has given birth to. 


book fair undefeated #foryoupage #fypシ #xyzbca

♬ why díd this sound blow up – steppedllama

“Damn. What is that, bro?”

This is another one that is mainly used for comedic purposes. This audio is hilarious, and you can use it for all kinds of captions, so get creative with it and think of something you’d be willing to drop your money on. This video that we’ve included has the user joking about how excited we would all get as kids when we saw a Guinness World Record book. However, this audio has been used for all kinds of jokes. 


Dating in your mid 20‘s in 2021 be like. #dating2021 #datinginyour20s #dating2021belike #viral #goviral #fyp #fürdich #foryou #fy #fyfyfyfy

♬ Dating in your…… – Jamie Buckley pt and actor

“Dating in Your. . .”

This remix of the song “It’s the Hard-Knock Life” from the classic musical Annie was first made popular by TikTok user @jamiejukesuk around the end of the year 2020. The user made a joke in the video about what dating is like when you’re in your 30s. By May of 2021, the trend had taken off. Now, other users have made tons of other versions of their own on their own dating lives. 

Check out our example above, in which someone used the trend to talk about their own dating experiences . . . Sigh . . . it’s a tough world out there in the love world. However, at least it makes for a funny and well-loved TikTok, right? 

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