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Kim Kardashian wore what to the Vatican? Holy s#!+, Kimberly! How one photo says a thousand words regarding this reality TV star.

Why did Kim Kardashian visit the Vatican? Cringe at this disrespectful photo

Well, if there ever was a dress code at the Vatican, we are almost certain that Kim Kardashian broke it. Oh, wait . . . there’s a dress code? During a visit to the Vatican, Kim Kardashian managed to break the Vatican dress code which is notoriously strict, saying how visitors of the Pope’s home may not expose their knees, shoulders or chest. 

So, naturally, the entrepreneur & socialite Kim Kardashian showed up at the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church with a flimsy white lace dress that not only exposed her shoulders but featured cutouts around her waist. Loophole? Traditionally, white & lace is saved for Catholic royalty. Lucky for Kim, she’s American royalty. 

However, it appears that not even Kim Kardashian is susceptible to these age old traditions, as upon entering the Sistine Chapel she put on a black leather jacket to cover her bearings, still able to enjoy a private two-hour tour with friend & model Kate Moss as well as her daughter. Lucky for us, we have already seen the photo of Kim Kardashian, and Twitter seems to be having a field day with it.  

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If there ever were a “fashion police” . . . 


Find out what it means to the Sistine. 

Defend the Queen

Apparently, not all are upset over this Kim Kardashian photo

Is that a shower curtain? 

This photo of Kim Kardashian makes us question if that’s even a dress at all! 


Lock & load, cancel culture! 

Even Vogue is on it

A Mexican designer? D@#%, this hurts their rep, all because of one photo. 


People are seriously OVARYacting about this Kim Kardashian photo. 

In other news . . . 

Kate Moss still looks great! And dressed appropriately.  

Double standard

This feels like Catholic grade school all over again. Can’t distract the boys from their studies, after all, ladies! 

The New York Post

Do headlines mean nothing anymore?

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