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Kim Yo-jong, sister to Kim Jong Un, may be the next dictator to succeed Kim Jong Un. Here's how the internet has reacted to Kim Yo-jong's rising power.

Kim Jong Un’s sister: The best memes about her rising power

First of all, we’d like to assert that she has a name other than “Kim Jong Un’s sister” – she’s Kim Yo-jong and she may just be the world’s next rising tyrant. A close & formidable ally to her brother, Kim Yo-jong was appointed second-in-command to Kim Jong Un when his health problems flared up.

Some people may be thinking – sweet, another woman taking the reigns of political power. Sorry to burst your bubble, but according to political analysts Kim Yo-jong seems pretty enamoured with the idea of tyrannical rule, just like her brother. Moreover, there’s serious speculation that she’s even fiercer & more tyrannical than Kim Jong Un. 

Power mechanisms in North Korea are hard to figure out, but Kim Yo-jong may be a likely successor of Kim Jong Un after his death. However, since Kim Jong Un has returned to power (after what some believed to be a comma) Kim Yo-jong has vanished from public view for over a month. 

Did Kim Yo-jong make a serious power grab? Is she plotting an uprising? Is she the next evil genius to take over the world? While the news hasn’t revealed much, the internet sure has some interesting (& silly) ideas about Kim Yo-jong and her rising power. 

Don’t worry, Kim

The wonderful artist who made this hilarious comic should get a medal. Who can’t see Kim Yo-jong taking over? 

Kim Y-Azula  

Everyone who has watched Avatar: The Last Airbender must see the resemblance. A powerful younger sister swooping in to claim the throne. If Kim Yo-jong measures up to Azula in maniacal determination, we’re all doomed.   

Late to dictator school

Why people are obsessed with turning Kim Yo-jung into an anime girl, we’re not sure. But it’s pretty adorable to imagine this “I’m late for school” anime trope applying to her. 

Crushin’ on Yo-jong

She may come from a long line of terrible dictators who have done horrible things, but no one can deny that she’s a cutie. If you actually meet her your opinion will probably change, but for now we can blush and fantasize.

Surgery successor

Is Kim Yo-jong really a lovable ally to Kim Jong Un, or is she actually just waiting for him to die so she can take over as Supreme Leader? We’d like to think that the latter is true.

True intimidation

You thought a slim Kim Jong Un looked scary? Take a look at his hot, bad-ass sister. You trembling now?

Hold my beer

Kim Yo-jong may be even more formidable than Kim Jong Un. Never underestimate how cold & cunning a woman can be. 


Let’s all thank the heavens that Kim Jong Un’s sister doesn’t look like that. Though, that would be pretty hilarious. 

Snapchat filter

Kim Yo-jong is pretty with & without a filter – but the difference is pretty significant. 

Anime staredown

Is this anime portrait not perfect? Sure, the glowing red eyes might be a tad hyperbolic – but we think they’re fitting. 

Do you think Kim Yo-jong is going to take over the world? 

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