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Rumors are circulating around Kim Jong-Un and his current health condition. Let's have a laugh at these Kim Jong-Un memes instead.

These memes about Kim Jong Un’s health will give you a laugh

We’re sure you’ve heard the latest rumor that Kim Jong-un may actually be in a coma and his sister is preparing to take over for the infamous Supreme Leader of North Korea. 

According to reports made in a social media post by an ex-aide to late South Korean president Kim Dae-Jung, the state is hiding reports about their leader’s health and has been faking appearances of the son of former Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il for months. 

Whether or not that’s true, enjoy some of these memes about our favorite lil’ dictator and try to remember a simpler time when the biggest threat to the USA’s security was the People’s Republic of North Korea.

If the glove doesn’t fit, then you must acquit 

We’re inclined to love an all-back ensemble paired with matching gloves. ❤

Cowabunga rockets

Oh, to live in 2012 again and only be worried about North Korea nuking us . . .

Conspiracy – or theory?

Whoever the translator is, please sign Spice Girls so we know it’s real.

Donald Jong-un

Okay, but you have to admit Kim Jong-un as a blonde is a bit of a serve!

New buddy comedy

When movies return in 2021, we really hope someone doesn’t pitch this.

Do you like-like me?

Honest question: is this how Trump & Kim Jong-un communicate? You tell us. 👌

Kim Yo-jong, drop your skincare routine

Catch us over here obsessing over Miss Thing’s jawline!

The fight for 2020

Still can’t believe Trump beat North Korea to the punch.

Kim Jong-un’s ice cream

We may have the coordinates of the ice cream cone, but we’ll only reveal it for a very large sum of money . . . 😜

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