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Twitter has it out for Kim Kardashian after seeing her in that ridiculous suit for the second 'Donda' listening party. Care to see the best reactions?

Does Kim Kardashian’s Twitter have any ideas *what* she was wearing to Donda?

Kim Kardashian was spotted last Thursday once again attending a Kanye West listening party for Donda, held for the second time at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West, who were married for seven years before divorcing last February, seem to be the topic of every media outlet these days, even though they’ve been separated for many months now.

That being said, the pair don’t make it easy on us to ignore their odd and surprising divorce behavior, acting as if they had never divorced in the first place. Of course, we’re referencing Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s matching red outfits at the last Donda listening party in July. Kardashian then doubled down last Thursday when she wore a black design suit to once again mimic West’s, only this one had some peculiar features. 

Kardashian’s suit was equipped with a zipper on both the eyes & mouth, giving us the impression that this party was actually a BDSM party. Now, Twitter has Kim Kardashain pegged as many things, from the gimp in Pulp Fiction to a victim of Christan Grey, all for a listening party which likely featured music that bashes her, regardless of their post-martial “friendship”. So, just what does Twitter make of her look?

Take a look yourself

Twitter was on top of this Kim Kardashian appearance. 


Life offers more surprises when you’re a pessimist. 

Fashion copyright 

“B!+@$ stole my look.” 


What are we missing here, Twitter . . . 

“What is she wearing?”

Kim Kardashian should’ve utilized those zippers better to disguise her look. 

Dangerous style 

The fashion choices between these two would make up a toxic marriage all by itself, as promoted by Twitter

Twitter with killer Kim memes

Zip up them eyes, Kim Kardashian! 


Kanye does believe he’s God, after all. 

If it suits you

Twitter thinks Kim Kardashian’s black suit has some weird hygiene advantages. 

Good mom/friend

Her outfit might have been atrocious, but Twitter still loves Kim Kardashian and her support of her ex-husband Kanye West, the father of her children.

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