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She got away: Who can replace Katy Perry on ‘American Idol’?

What would you say if we told you there’s a brewing storm surrounding pop icon Katy Perry? Some fans of the beloved reality show American Idol are signing a chorus for the removal of Perry as a judge. The outcry comes following a viral video of Perry, famous for hits like Smile and Dark Horse, behaving as if she were a feline during the twenty-first season of the singing show.

The debut

It all started with a seemingly harmless video posted on American Idol‘s official Instagram page. With her co-judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, Perry was pointed out as a modern-day “Catwoman” thanks to her sleek leather ensemble. 

Bryan chimed in with a clever nickname, “Katy Purry,” causing the Peacock singer to leap into character. Perry began to mimic catlike movements, pawing at Bryan’s shoulder, purring about prowling for talent. It was all in good fun, or so it seemed.

But it appears some viewers are not amused by Perry’s kittenish antics. A wave of social media criticism has washed over the Roar singer, with fans vocalizing their discomfort with her unpredictable behavior. Some fans called for her dismissal, calling her actions ridiculous and even stating they had “lost respect” for the singer. But, does one viral video warrant Perry’s removal from the esteemed judge’s panel?

Sour notes

Unfortunately, this isn’t Perry’s first run-in with controversy on American Idol. From a perceived act of mom-shaming towards a contestant who chose family over fame to alleged dismissive remarks towards other hopefuls, Perry has been at the center of some contentious moments this season. Fans were given a brief respite when Jagged Little Pill star, Alanis Morissette, temporarily replaced Perry, sparking a petition for her to stay on permanently.

In response to the controversy, Perry has hinted at feeling betrayed by the show’s producers. The star accused them of editing footage to paint her as the villainous judge and lacking in loyalty. Is there truth in Perry’s claims, or is it just another case of backstage drama on the talent show?

More trouble

If one scandal wasn’t enough, Perry finds herself in the center of yet another. Accused of being overly harsh and condescending towards contestants who failed to harmonize during Hollywood Week, the singer drew further criticism from viewers. At the heart of the issue were contestants Carina DeAngelo and Nutsa Buzaladze, whose performance Perry labelled as ‘underwhelming.’ This feedback was not well received, with fans expressing their discontent across social media channels.

Past echoes

Notably, this is not the first time an American Idol judge has faced backlash for their blunt critiques. Original judge Simon Cowell was well-known for his harsh comments, stirring up drama during the show’s initial run. The question now remains, is Perry just following the precedent set by Cowell, or is her approach excessively harsh?

Further adding fuel to the fire, Perry has been accused of mom-shaming contestant Sara Beth Liebe, who revealed she was a mother of three. This revelation led to a string of comments from Perry that left a sour taste in viewers’ mouths. Despite Perry and Liebe both dismissing the exchange as harmless banter, many viewers remain unconvinced.


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