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Joe Biden appears to have won the presidential election, and that means there are plenty of memes to go around.

True blue: The best memes about Joe Biden winning the election

Most news sources have called the presidential election, naming Joe Biden the next president in line to step into the white house. According to the Associated Press, Joe Biden has 290 electoral votes while Donald Trump has 214. While counting is still going on, Democrats are feeling pretty sound in their blue win celebrations. 

With political tensions so high, the internet is flooding with reactions to the news – some jolly, some not so jolly. From celebrities to witty illustrators, Biden’s win is all anyone can talk about. Here are some of the best election reaction memes you can find. 

Marvelous win

This Marvel meme featuring Biden and his team of Democrat supporters soaring in for the win is as sensationalized as it gets. 

Return of the Dems 

For nerds like Mark Hamill, likening the presumptive president-elect to Star Wars movies is the best way to rationalize the results. 

Can’t celebrate for long

Some are excited that Donald Trump will be out of office, but they’re equally dissatisfied that the U.S. ended up with Joe Biden. The whole “lesser of two evils” thing still puts one evil in office. 

Buh bye, now

Whoever illustrated this is a genius. 

You’re fired

There are just too many “you’re fired” memes directed at Trump’s election loss. For those who remember Jake Ryan from Hannah Montana, this one is just too good not to share.

Knope, it’s real

If you’ve seen Parks and Recreation, you know how big of a crush Leslie Knope has on Joe Biden. If she knew he might become president-elect, she’d be losing her sh*t right now. 

Orange was ejected

Who hasn’t come across an orange troll named “Trump” on Among Us? Looks like it’s time to eject them. RIP. 

Ice cream party

Jimmy Fallon celebrated Joe Biden’s success during the election by having his favorite food – ice cream. If you haven’t witnessed the outstanding evidence revealing how much Biden loves ice cream, you gotta check it out. 

For Biden fruit

We just couldn’t leave this pun behind. 

Sorry not sorry

Sorry Republicans, it seems as though the world is going to laugh as you grieve.

The fly returns

Remember that fly that landed on Mike Pence’s head during the VP debate? Well, apparently it heard the news of Biden’s win and plans on crashing his inauguration. 

Canada’s glad

Trump & Trudeau have always butted heads. Canadians have been expressing their happiness that he’s outta there.

Do these memes express how you feel about Biden’s win? Let us know in the comments.

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