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Joe Biden has a Venmo, and Twitter is going nuts. Log on and dive into all of Twitter's takes on the issue, from privacy concerns to ice cream money.

Did Buzzfeed actually find Joe Biden’s secret Venmo? Twitter users react

Hey everybody, Joe Biden’s on Venmo! Buzzfeed scoured the internet for the sitting U.S. president’s Venmo account and honestly, they didn’t have to look very hard. It took all of ten minutes for internet sleuths to track down Biden’s Venmo, a cash-sharing app where you can send & receive money from others. 

While it thankfully appears Joe Biden didn’t set his password to USA123 or something easily hackable, Buzzfeed reported it was concerning that from one ten-minute Venmo dive, they could find the sitting U.S. president’s kids, grandkids, friends, and more connections through the app. 

Buzzfeed further explained why this is a problem, specifically Venmo’s public friends’ lists: “Even if a Venmo account is set to make payments private, its friend list remains exposed. There is no setting to make this information private, which means it can provide a window into someone’s personal life that could be exploited by anyone — including trolls, stalkers, police, and spies.” 

After reaching out to the White House, Venmo released a statement: “The safety and privacy of all Venmo users and their information is always a top priority, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Customers always have the ability to make their transactions private and determine their own privacy settings in the app.” The Bidens’ Venmos were also taken off the app by Friday evening. 

However, Twitter still has opinions and they won’t stop tweeting about POTUS and his public app. Here are Twitter’s takes on Joe Biden and his Venmo. 

OK, Boomer

Grandpa Joe still needs his millennial & Gen Z staff to fix those pesky PDFs. 

Yeah, there’s no way he can use his own Venmo. Maybe his grandkids use it to send themselves ice cream money? 

White House bromance

But we still wanna know: Are Joe Biden and Barack Obama still going halfsies on pizza? 

What about our privacy though? 

Dear Twitter, 

The issue at hand: Venmo’s model isn’t really private, and if it’s a problem for Joe Biden, it’s a problem for the rest of us. 

Sincerely, FOCUS! 

Matt Gaetz

In case you forgot, Matt Gaetz is still a thing, he’s using Venmo too, and Twitter’s not letting us forget it. The Daily Beast reported Matt Gaetz allegedly used Venmo to pay an accused sex trafficker who then used the app to pay an underage girl for sex acts. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is Venmoing his grandkids ice cream money. 

Slow news day

However, some folks on Twitter are scratching their heads about the issue. It’s Joe Biden’s friends’ list, not the nuclear codes! 

Yeah, it’s not a crime to spoil your kids using Venmo, but Twitter thinks Twitter’s missing the point of the story. 

Where’s my money, Joe? 

If we didn’t get those stimulus checks, how many people on Twitter would be hitting Joe Biden up on Venmo for $2,000? 

Can I haz $400 Mr. President? 😸😸😸

Or $600? We were already paid, our @$$. 

Wait, but why? 

Why does Joe Biden need Venmo in the first place? I mean, it’s nice to send the grandkids McDonald’s money, but still. 

Naming my band that

We’re calling dibs on naming our synth-wave, new age rockabilly jazz indie prog band Joe Biden’s Venmo. 

What do you think about the Joe Biden Venmo story? Do you think it’s a nothing-burger, or are there real security & privacy concerns here? Let us know in the comments! 

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