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JK Rowling says that trans activists are threatening her on Twitter. Check out Twitter's reaction to JKR's latest transphobic tweets.

JK Rowling: Should this author get cancelled following controversial tweets?

Harry Potter fans around the world are groaning and wishing that someone would take JK Rowling’s Twitter from her again. The author made some tweets yesterday saying that she has been threatened for transphobic tweets that she has made. In addition to these tweets & other writings, people have also accused the author for making ableist comments as well.

It’s a whole mess, to put it bluntly, as with everything that seems to come up in regards to the author. These latest tweets from JK Rowling have started another conversation around the author, her transphobic views, and, yes, another conversation of “death of the author”. Let’s take a look at how Twitter is reacting to JK Rowling’s latest tweets, shall we?


Mic drop

There it is.


Education through Twitter

Here’s a way to educate yourselves on why JKR’s tweets are not good.


The bigger hammer

And people are fighting back against the author. 


Great job!

A++ use of the spell.


Stop giving her a platform

JK Rowling’s transphobic remarks are bad, but transphobes are actually attacking & killing people for existing.


And no one sees anything wrong with this?

This tracks.


Remove her from Twitter

It’s basically how she tweets these days.


Are we surprised?

It tracks.


It goes both ways, Jo.

It looks like it goes both ways. And trans individuals are the ones who really get killed.



And no one sees anything wrong with this?!

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