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Jimin has gotten several mysterious tattoos over the years. Find out what they are and what each tattoo means to the BTS star.

The meaning behind Jimin’s tattoo and more fun BTS facts

Jimin is one of the stars of the South Korean group BTS. He’s one of only two group members who has tattoos, but unlike Jungkook, who sports most of his ink on his arms, Jimin’s tattoos are hidden away and therefore harder to spot. This lack of visibility has led fans to question what Jimin’s four tattoos are and what each of them means to the singer.

The most notable of Jimin’s markings is the “Nevermind” tattoo plastered across his right ribs. Elite Daily claimed that the tattoo was first spotted during BTS’ performance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in December 2014. Fans noted that the tattoo seemed to disappear after BTS got off stage, leading many to assume that it was simply part of the performance.

Things got weird when the “Nevermind” tattoo reappeared during BTS’ Good Morning America debut in 2018. Fans debated its legitimacy, but eventually came to accept that Jimin got the once-fake tattoo for real. The tattoo is a nod to the BTS song of the same name, which includes the lyrics: “Nevermind, It’s not easy but engrave it onto your chest.”

Disappearing act

Then there’s the “13” tattoo. Jimin’s “13” was most recently spotted during his March 2020 live stream, but the meaning behind this one remains unclear. KoreaBoo poses three different theories as to what the number could represent. 

It could refer to Jimin’s favorite number, his birthday (October 13, 1995), or BTS’ first performance as a group (June 13, 2013). Regardless of which theory is true, it’s clear that “13” is a lucky number for the teen idol.

Jimin’s most mysterious tattoos didn’t appear until February 2020. The singer wore bandages on both elbows during the group’s M Countdown performance, which led to speculation that he was getting more tattoos. This is a typical procedure for many celebrities who need to hold off in making their tattoos public, explains professionals at Tattoo Stylist. The mystery went unsolved until June, when Jimin appeared on VLIVE and revealed that his elbows spelled out “young” and “forever,” respectively. 

Wembley memories

The font matched Jimin’s previous “Nevermind” tattoo, and like “Nevermind,” these tattoos reference the BTS song of the same name. BTS were the first K-pop group to ever perform at Wembley Stadium in 2019, and Jimin prefaced their rendition of “Young Forever” with a few words. “This is a song that I have gotten so much emotional support from,” he stated. “Thank you so much for singing this song and enjoying it together. I’m so happy, I love you.”

Jimin has a long way to go before he can match Jungkook for the most tattoos in BTS. Jungkook already has fifteen markings, including an “ARMY” tattoo on his knuckles, black stripes on his forearm, and text that reads: “The most beautiful moment in life.” The latter is in reference to the same Wembley Stadium performance that proved so memorable to his fellow bandmate.

Tattoo taboo

That said, not every BTS member has an interest in getting inked. The rest of the group have avoided tattoos, as the vice is still considered to be taboo in South Korea. Under criminal and medical law, only licensed doctors can perform tattooing on their clients, and those who are caught giving them without a license can face large fines and legal charges.

BTS member Suga explained that his interest in tattoos has waned as he’s gotten older. “When I was young, I wanted to have tattoos,” he told reporters. “But that idea was all gone when I turned 20. I found out that even Pharell Williams is erasing his tattoos. He said he doesn’t even know why he decided to have tattoos.”

Suga reasoned that he may want to pursue different career paths in the future and therefore is holding off on the ink. “I have something I want to do in the future,” he added. “I [may] want to do some charity work, but having a tattoo might work negatively. That is why I’m holding back.”

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    March 1, 2021

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