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Invite list: Which celebrities were in Jeffrey Epstein’s “little black book”?

Jeffrey Epstein holds a long list of iconic figures that were not only his friends but literally partners in crime! Some of these characters are well known due to the massive visibility that has gone through this case over the years like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and even Donald Trump. But let’s talk about the figures that despite having related to him aren’t that pointed. 

According to Prince Andrew’s interview for the BBC regarding Jeffrey Epstein, the reason why he was a friend of his was the cultural diversity his parties offered. Although we all know the real thing that hides between those parties under a masseuse uniform! Just to freshen up your memory, Jeffrey Epstein configured a sexual exploitation network of underaged girls. Let’s take a deeper look.

According to Prince Andrew, his bond with Jeff Epstein wasn't intimate, but pictures show something else. How did Prince Andrew meet Epstein?

Epstein’s little black book

Some magnates share their fortune with charity causes, yet, Epstein shared his twisted actions with many other powerful men & women. Jefferey Epstein might be dead, yet many of these names are still alive on his little black book. There he kept the names & valuable contact information of important people such as President Donald Trump, Elizabeth Hurley and Michael Bloomberg.  

As we mentioned before, this little black book used to work as a contact repertoire that can be very interesting for gossip, yet, for legal matters too! Further than revealing that Epstein was a well connected man this contact list has also served to identify the people he once invited to his island. In case you don’t know, Jeffrey Epstein owned an island in the Caribbean which was “a sexual paradise”. 

In other news, men continue to do awful things. Dustin Hoffman has been accused of sexual harassment.

Dustin Hoffman 

One of the main public figures found in this awful notebook is Dustin Hoffman, who is a recognized American actor, comedian and director. Apparently his name forms part of the little black notebook list where Epstein kept his closest friends or at least party attendants! Although Hoffman has been internationally recognized for his talent, he’s been accused for some other dark things too, like sexual misconduct. 

Naomi Campbell

Believe it or not Naomi Campbell forms part of this list too! Sometimes I think that when it comes to oppressed minorities some kind of empathy and social justice rage is kept despite privilege. Nonetheless, the English model, actress, and businesswoman was part of Epstein’s guest list. being critical, many things can be hidden behind her name there, hopefully she ignored all Epstein’s behavior. 

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Kevin Spacey

Keeping the line of actors with a sexual assault accusation past, just like dustin Hoffman, it’s important to talk about Kevin Spacey. In fact, Spacey is one of the main figures that will pop if you search Epstein’s friends list. The American actor, producer, and singer who began his career back in 1980,  is currently suffering the cold justice of the so-called crystal generation. It’s not a general rule, yet, many friends of Epstein are sexual predators too, which is why this notebook matters!

Courtney Love

To mention another feminine figure and don’t let Naomi Campbell alone, know that Courtney Love is another woman in the little black book. Just to freshen up your memory,  Courtney Michelle Love is an American singer, songwriter and actress. Her presence here is controversial due to her importance in the punk & grunge scenes of the 1990s, which will go against all Epstein represented

Jeffrey Epstein might be gone but Ghislaine Maxwell is facing multiple criminal charges related to sexual abuse. Seize this moment to get the latest info!

Final thoughts 

This list is definitely longer, since Jeffrey Epstein was such a social man who knew the importance of being friends with important public figures. Nonetheless, something we do have to mention is that despite the patterns of several friends of his show, we can’t assume that all the people in that list are automatically cancelable. 

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