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The nude truth: Did Jamie Lee Curtis deserve her Oscar?

Jamie Lee Curtis undoubtedly deserved an Oscar for her role in Everything, Everywhere All At Once. Curtis is an American actress, author, producer, and activist in several matters. She has starred in numerous films, including the horror classics Halloween (1978) & Prom Night (1980). She also appeared in A Fish Called Wanda (1988), True Lies (1994), Freaky Friday (2003), and The Fog (1980). 

In addition to her cinematic trajectory, she had a successful television career that included roles on New Kind of Family & Operation Petticoat. Curtis is also the daughter of actors Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh from Hitchcock’s film Psycho, in fact she’s been signaled to be a nepo baby, yet, she’s definitely our favorite one. Anyway, despite her Hollywood roots, Curtis has proved to have won the place she stands on. 

As we mentioned, Jamie Lee Curtis has won her first Oscar, going a step further than her movie star parents who were both nominated for an Academy Award too. Curtis is best known for her comedic roles, often playing sassy or tough-talking characters. Nonetheless, out of character Curtis has shown to be an authentic and kind person through several interviews, which is why she has such a big fan base. 

With 'Halloween Kills' we will see the return of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. Will the actress ever leave her iconic role behind?

Jamie Lee Curtis career

Due to her successful roles in movies, it is estimated for Curtis to have a net worth of approximately $60 million dollars. She has earned this fortune through her prolific acting career which spans over four decades, as well as endorsements, writing projects, and producing. It hasn’t been easy nor immediate for Curtis to be where she is in terms of net worth and professional success. 

The Hollywood legend won her very first Oscar at age 64, nonetheless, for several critics there are three specific movies in her career that deserved an Oscar too. These movies are: The slasher Halloween (1978), Trading Places (1983), and True Lies (1994) where she has an iconic Strip-tease that showed another facet of her. Along her diverse career Curtis has played numerous roles which make her quite versatile. 

We put special attention to the Academy Awards, and there’s definitely nothing as iconic as winning an Oscar as an actor, producer or director.  Yet the Academy wasn’t  the first one to recognize the actress’ talent, in 2021 Venice Film Festival gave Curtis an award in order to recognize the achievements of a lifetime dedicated to cinema. Aside from all festivals fans have always acknowledged Curtis’ value as an actress.

Nonetheless her career hasn’t been precisely  oats & honey, according to Curtis, having Hollywood roots can be hard. “There’s not a day in my professional life that goes by without my being reminded that I am the daughter of movie stars,” she wrote last year regarding the hype nepo babies conversation was having. Curtis stated that the term was “just designed to try to diminish and denigrate and hurt.”

Curtis Oscar 

And The Oscar goes to Jamie Lee Curtis! Honestly, many of us cried during this moment due to all that Curtis represents and how deeply she has deserved that award for years. Her speech made it quite clear that she was emotional too. During this moment, Curtis reminds the world where she comes from and how her late parents never made it to the podium despite their nominations and talent.

“I know it looks like I’m standing up here by myself, but I am not. I am hundreds of people,” this were Curtis’ words before listing some of her coworkers. Finally, she added: “We just won an Oscar.” And she might not be talking about the fact that we’re inhabiting infinite universes at once without realizing, but about the hard team work required to make a movie.

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