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The latest 'Halloween' movie with Jaime Lee Curtis had its premiere and Curtis made it a scream! Get away from Mike Meyers and dive into her costume!

Does ‘Halloween Kills’ prove Jamie Lee Curtis is a scream queen?

The newest addition to the Halloween franchise with Jaime Lee Curtis just had its premiere and Jaime Lee Curtis made it a scream. Curtis took the internet by storm after she dressed up as her mother, Janet Leigh’s, most iconic character from the classic Psycho at the Halloween Kills  premiere Tuesday night, making this the twelfth Halloween movie and the seventh with Jamie Lee Curtis

The premiere, which took place at the famous TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, was full of fun characters as the premiere was a costume party. Jamie Lee Curtis, the scream queen of Halloween, showed off her horror roots by dressing up as Marion Crane, starting off this latest Halloween movie with Jamie Lee Curtis with a bang. 

Of course, many on Twitter had a screaming good time with this costume choice at the newest Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis premiere. We hunted through the threads to find more information and the best reactions to this costume triumph at the Halloween Kills premiere. Get away from Mike Meyers as we dive into this latest Halloween movie with Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Costume classic

The premiere of this latest addition to the Halloween franchise was full of fun, iconic horror characters as well as fun costumes, but many agree that Jamie Lee Curtis in her blue dress and bloody shower curtain stole the show. Curtis was excited to celebrate this long-running franchise, stating how it captures some of the more ancient ideas of storytelling. 

“It’s the ultimate good versus evil,” Curtis said according to Variety. “Laurie Strode represents the quotidian, quintessential, innocent American teenage girl, that is innocence personified. And when you collide it with the essence of evil which is Michael Meyers, you create a tension that you, the audience member, wants to protect her.”

The film is set to premiere tomorrow, October 15th, a whole year after its original premiere date, as the pandemic caused the film to experience delays. Nonetheless, the film promises to be a scary good time, according to director David Gordon Green. 

Fear & death 

According to Green, while the franchise tackles themes of fear and the gravity of death, the beauty of it is that others can take their own lessons from the stories, which fit his costume as a classic ticket booth manager with a red uniform and gold detailing, a veritable purveyor of stories. 

“The beauty of Michael Meyers is it’s an expressionless, emotionless face, and so we can project our fear onto him, or if you like having fun at a scary movie, let’s go scream our heads off and eat some popcorn,” Green said, according to Variety.

Since spooky season is underway, these kinds of scares are perfectly timed as the film nears its theatrical release date. Between the amazing costumes and insightful sentiments, how can we not get excited for Halloween Kills? Apparently, Twitter shares that sentiment as well as the love for Curtis’s costume choice. 

Twitter is happily frightened

Naturally, many on Twitter loved the costume choice for Curtis for the premiere of Halloween Kills. Reactions to the costume include: 

She is beauty, she is grace . . . . 

How can we forget this classic! 

So are we and we are giving her LOTS of extra credit! 


Aka most people’s reaction in a nutshell. 

Are you excited for this new addition of the Halloween franchise with Jaime Lee Curtis? Let us know in the comments before Mike Meyers finds us!

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