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Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter has officially stepped down. Just what Twitter memes are being said its former daddy? Let's see!

The best Jack Dorsey memes to celebrate him stepping down from Twitter

It’s official, people! Jack Dorsey will be stepping down from his role as CEO of Twitter. The forty-five year old billionaire and co-founder of the social media site announced on Monday that he’d be removing himself from his role in the “near term”, expected to be replaced by the company’s CTO Parag Agrawa. While this might seem to be a sad time for Jack Dorsey, it’s equally a hilarious time for Twitter, his precious baby. But why?

Twitter has been going on a hot meme streak ever since its precious creator announced that he’d no longer be CEO of the company, and as we know, memes are the best way to keep tabs on the pulse of the social media community. So, with that note, just what Jack Dorsey memes are popping up on Twitter? Let’s go right along and delve into them and see what funny memes we can find! 

Doesn’t look like a CEO

PTA parents are the worst, though. Jack Dorsey would fit in perfectly! 

Big media day

Is there a secret correlation that we haven’t yet sought out? 

Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter, everyone

Also our favorite garage band bass player. 


Dorsey no longer has the power. 

Oh, man

This would easily be the meanest troll move of all time. 


JackStonks, anyone? 

Not even a meme

Just super funny. 

On the other hand

… Let’s just get back to memes. This idea scares us

Hey, Jack Dorsey

“Why say many word when few word do trick?”as Kevin would say. 

This one got us

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey should find room on somebody else’s door.

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