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Whether the rumors about BBC Three airing a new Shadowverse show is true or not, we're not happy. We still need to save 'Shadowhunters' first.

‘The Infernal Devices’? BBC should save ‘Shadowhunters’ instead

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that we’re huge Shadowhunters stans. Shadowhunters is a science fiction fantasy show based off the novel series The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. The television adaptation deviated somewhat from the books, but the core elements of the story were all still there. 

Despite its popularity Shadowhunters was cancelled and aired its last episode in May of 2019, only completing three of the planned six seasons. The show was cancelled due to complications between Constantin Film, who own the rights to the show, and Netflix & Freeform, who distributed the show in both the United States and abroad. 

This week, rumours started circulating online that Cassandra Clare, in conjunction with Constantin Films had sold the rights of another sub-series of the Shadowhunters world she created. The Infernal Devices, set in the same mythical Shadowhunters realm Clare created, was allegedly picked up by BBC Three.  

Whether the rumors about BBC Three airing a new Shadowverse show is true or not, we're not happy. We still need to save 'Shadowhunters' first.

The authenticity of these rumours is yet to be officially confirmed. Cassandra Clare has not released a statement confirming this information on her website, or any of her social media accounts. Constantin Films, nor BBC Three have done so either. Yet the rumour sparked much commotion on social media. 

Fans of the television show Shadowhunters were outraged, pledging to boycott. Widespread feelings of betrayal spread across Twitter as fans lamented that Cassandra Clare & Constantin would try and get a different series in the Shadowhunter realm off the ground before trying to complete the show they abandoned. 

Fans of the book series that weren’t so happy with how Shadowhunters played out on screen were elated, exclaiming they hoped BBC 3 would treat their beloved story better than Freeform did. So let’s talk about it. Come with us as we navigate the complexities of this rumor. Is The Infernal Devices actually going ahead, or is it all just hearsay?

The storyline

The Infernal Devices is a trilogy which serves as a prequel to The Mortal Instruments. Set in the 1800’s it does feature some of the characters that also appear in The Mortal Instruments. Obviously, due to the long passage of time between each story, the only characters that are able to appear in both series are immortal ones. 

The lead protagonist of the story is Tessa Gray, a shape-shifting orphaned teenager, who also happens to be a warlock. The story follows her as she learns to navigate these new powers of hers. Although not a Shadowhunter, Tessa lives at the London Institute with the Shadowhunters there. 

Searching for her lost brother, Nathaniel Gray, Tessa is thrust into the Shadow World. A love story emerges as she falls in love with two different Shadowhunters. Trouble stirs around as she sets out to find her brother. Meanwhile, the love triangle she finds herself in continues to plague her thoughts. 

Whether the rumors about BBC Three airing a new Shadowverse show is true or not, we're not happy. We still need to save 'Shadowhunters' first.

The outcry

It’s no secret that there is quite a rivalry between solo stans of the The Mortal Instruments book series and the  fans of the television adaptation, Shadowhunters. Cassandra Clare, herself, even spoke publicly several times, clearly unhappy about the directions and deviations Shadowhunters made from the books. 

Shadowhunters showrunners, Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer, as well as several of the actors often spoke in response to this, stating that it is really hard to stick to the plotline of a novel all the time. 

Especially with a novel with such complex intricacies as The Mortal Instruments, changes and manipulations of the original plotline is often necessary. This caused some hardcore book fans to abandon the show. 

Whether the rumors about BBC Three airing a new Shadowverse show is true or not, we're not happy. We still need to save 'Shadowhunters' first.

Despite this, while on air, Shadowhunters garnered quite an exuberant & impressive fandom. Their dedication to the show & the actors continues even now, a year after the final episode aired. When the rumours began circulating on social media platforms this week that The Infernal Devices was potentially in production, outrage ensued. 

Basically, in a nutshell, fans of the television adaptation were angered by the fact that the article that made the announcement did so on the anniversary of the last episode of Shadowhunters. Here is what some fans had to say. 

@BrittanyRana200 says: “It’s another 3 way deal with too many players, which was essentially the downfall of Shadowhunters. Cassandra Clare’s expectations of these adaptations is too unrealistic as she seems to expect them to be exactly like the book, which isn’t possible.”

@TashaAdamski says: “They [the article that started this rumour] announced it on the 1 year anniversary of the finale of Shadowhunters. I felt the quote [from the article] “stick more to the book” was a blatant shot at Shadowhunters and the fact it deviated from the book, fixing some of the controversial storylines from the book. 

It’s also owned by Constantin Film, who ruined Shadowhunters. Now they think we are going to watch this because it’s from the same universe.”

@Tiffy1307Steph says: “The timing couldn’t have been a worse one. Many Shadowhunters fans were struggling because they still miss the show a lot. 

Others tried to concentrate on the Malec wedding anniversary to have something good in their minds and something to feel good about because that anniversary also meant the last episode aired one year ago. With posting the news they placed something to destroy the happiness the fans tried to feel.”

@travelqueen1218 “I read the Bane Chronicles which I still say is the most realistic, easiest way to tie the books & fans of each series together. CC should have sold THAT book. I have no interest in reading or watching TID. I read the Bane Chronicles & I HATED Camille. The only Magnus for me is @HarryShumJr.”

Debunking the rumor

The article that started all the controversy was, as the quotes outline above, released on the anniversary of the finale of Shadowhunters. If you’re interested in reading the article, click here

There are several things that arouse suspicion about this piece. Firstly, the article mentions that Constantin Films is developing The Infernal Devices trilogy in conjunction with BBC Three. 

Constantin Films, BBC Three, nor Cassandra Clare herself have made any such announcements on their websites or social media platforms. If this is, in fact, going ahead, why haven’t the official parties involved announced it? 

'Shadowhunters' may have been cancelled but the Shadowfam are still going strong. Here’s the first part of our heartfelt fan film, we hope you enjoy it.

Secondly, as previously mentioned, the article dropped on the one-year anniversary of the finale of Shadowhunters. The timing was insensitive and a little on the nose. Inflammatory language in the article such as “one more accurate to the books” was used. Members of the existing Shadowhunters fandom felt this was an intentional move to agitate them. 

The article tries hard to establish very clearly that The Infernal Devices has nothing to do with Shadowhunters. The article claims that The Infernal Devices is set in a totally different world to Shadowhunters. However, if The Infernal Devices wants to remain true to the books, as this article claims, this statement is not necessarily true. 

The Infernal Devices is set in the same world as Shadowhunters. While not during the same time period, or the same Institute location the world Clare created for Shadowhunters is the same world that exists in The Infernal Devices

To really reinforce that the two series are in fact connected and part of the same world, immortal characters, such as Magnus Bane & Camille Belcourt, appear in both series. Different worlds? Not connected? We don’t think so. 

Save Shadowhunters instead

The existing Shadowhunters fandom is a force to be reckoned with. They’ve erected billboards all around the world, rented trucks, flown planes in front of Netflix headquarters, and more, all in the name of saving Shadowhunters. Their ability to mobilize is really something else. Now, they are mobilizing to boycott. 

Had the involved parties tried to do the right thing and rectify the situation with the Shadowhunters show, finish out the remaining season, or even give the fandom a spin off with the same actors and characters, they might not have been so outraged by this announcement. 

Whether the rumors about BBC Three airing a new Shadowverse show is true or not, we're not happy. We still need to save 'Shadowhunters' first.

In fact, many would have jumped on board and followed The Infernal Devices. However, because the fandom feels so slighted by the parties involved, Constantin Films and anyone else associated with this project, will be launching without the support of the existing fandom. 

So here’s an idea, how about you save Shadowhunters first and then everyone wins. Constantin Films, when you’re ready to release the rights and sell Shadowhunters to someone willing to give it the home it deserves, why don’t you give us a call? 

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  • When the author of the article says that the Infernal Devices does not connect to Shadowhunters, they don’t LITERALLY mean the Shadowhunter world. They mean the TV SHOW. Smh. I wouldn’t want TDI connected to Freeflop’s Shadowhunter either!!!! Plus, let’s be real, they could have easily used the book material to adapt the show the correct way. The showrunners said it themselves, they wanted to add things to spice up the plot twists, which ultimately failed. The graphic novels by Cassandra Jean is a perfect example as to why someone CAN adapt the source material correctly. As a film major, I can easily say that the tv show “Shadowhunters” could have used the graphic novels as a storyboard to adapt the show better than what we got.

    Now, I’m not saying I hated the TV show. But, you can admit there were multiple flaws. In all honesty, the movie was more close to the source material. And that’s saying something because I truly disliked how they portrayed the movie. But, I would GLADLY watch it over and over again than Shadowhunters.

    Fans of the books only stuck around for the show to see their favorite scenes from the book come to life. Or, in most cases, to see more Malec. And even then, some of the scenes they adapted from the book were wrong or they switched them around. I mean, Clary being the bad guy in season 3B? Nah. Jace was the OG villain. City of Lost Souls was my favorite book, and although Shadowhunters 3B managed to pique my interest, their changes weren’t enough to change my mind about the show. And I should also add that the scenes between Alec and Magnus were so vanilla. I mean damn, the books didn’t give us enough Malec and Cassandra Clare still found a way to give us some steamy drama in-between Clary’s adventures.

    Let’s face it, Shadowhunters TV fans just want to see more Malec. Rather than #SaveShadowhunters how about they just give us a spin-off series with Alec and Magnus. I mean, Isabelle, Clary, Jace, and Simon could pop up here and there. For some reason, people actually like Clary and Jace on the TV show . . . Cassandra was smart in releasing a trilogy dedicated to Malec. How about Constantines focuses on that, because Shadowhunters ain’t it. Maybe with the Malec spin-off, they can finally fix the BS they created in Shadowhunters. Shoot, I wouldn’t mind if they pretended the events in season 1-3 didn’t happen. I’ll gladly go along for the ride.

    That being said, if the article is true and BBC Three is adapting The Infernal Devices, I will give my 100% support, because they’ve done an amazing job adapting His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass) so I know they can do a better job than Freeflop. I wouldn’t want another series of Cassandra’s to flop. Shoot, the trilogy has graphic novels as well! They might as well take storyboard ideas from them.

    I wouldn’t normally bash those who truly like the Shadowhunters TV series, but seeing as how this article shows Nikki Hudson does not care for the book-lovers views on having an adaptation of their favorite novels, I don’t feel as bad as saying my thoughts either.

    Peace out, mundane!

    May 10, 2020
    • I TOTALLY agree. I watched al, of Shadowhunters, but I would never re-watch it. TID are my favorite books in all of Cassandra Clare’s books. So I was ELATED when I heard about this show happening especially on BBC, a more professional channel than Freeform.

      May 23, 2020
  • This is ridiculous. Yes, there were a lot of issues with the show getting canceled and having to compress the ended but…it was still the ending. It skipped over a great deal of material but the plot lines (or approximationn of them, anyway) that the tv show ended on was literally the end of the book series. That’s it. For The Mortal Instruments, that’s the end of the source material. what happens next are other series, namely THE INFERNAL DEVICES, that are set in the Shadowhunter world but not the same time period or main characters. The books were not published in chronological order because that’s the way the information and story is best presented. The best way to “Save Shadowhunters” is to go with Infernal Devices, because that is literally the piece that comes next. That’s the next story, and, amongst readers, is widely recognized as the best one. Trying to continue the original Shadowhunters show (which was originally referred to as specifically Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments) at this point would mean continuing beyond source material, which, based how that has gone with other shows, is a bad idea.

    May 24, 2020
  • I agree save Shadowhunters and make city of ashes and continue with series of the books and with same actors And actresses

    June 6, 2020
  • I’m excited, yes, but this scares me. The Infernal Devices is my most favorite book, I don’t want them to mess this up. Will is also my first husband, so it’ll hurt a lot when they mess this up for me!!!!!!! sobosbosb!!!!!!

    June 22, 2020
  • Why can’t people just be happy that someone is trying to put together something that CC has created a story for to begin with? TMI is done- nobody is going to make it again. There are always going to be changes in adapting books to movies/ series. Even if TID is made, people are still going to argue about who’s better with Tessa- Will or Jem. You can’t please everybody. While I absolutely love all of her books, I didn’t mind the Shadowhunters series, although I hated the movie. Why not let them give TID a shot? What’s that worst that can happen? It doesn’t do well and gets canceled?

    November 8, 2020
  • I watched Shadowhunters. I also read TMI. But to be real Shadowhunters is not good adaptation. I know that when book get adapt to a movie/series they can’t take all the exact event on that scene, BUT it’s just feels hollow for me can’t see event (which some is IMPORTANT) and not make it to the scene. Also they literally changes the ending and plot for the end and it doesn’t make any sense!
    For TID, i haven’t read it yet (i’m planning to) for what i’ve heard that it’s totally DIFFERENT ERA and TIMELINE so i hope if they want to adapt that they should give their 100% and stick to the book.

    As a fan for Shadowhunter world in general, if the fan of the show wants to save it (or at least see MALEC or a little snippet of CLACE) they should bring TDA to life :) (I hope Emma and Julian could be true, also Mark OMG)

    December 1, 2020
  • * they dont appear that much
    *i give you guys the example

    July 6, 2022
  • the comments are full of bookstans. god
    we dont care that the show is not the same as the book. clace’s storyline is boring af (and that is one of the reasons the movie flopped bc it focus too much on them) and it have a lot problematic stuff that tho the show softened it up a bit, i wished they had gotten rid completely of the whole incest plotline (not only with jace but with sebastion/jonathan)
    malec in TMI is also problematic and they dont even appear that much
    in the show credits is written smth like “based on cc books” so is bookstans fault if they thought that it would be a faithful adaptation. in fact i never once in my life saw a tv show that is faithful one. like i said they all say “based/inspired on —- books” so that they could change the plot as much they want and add new characters.
    i think the reason that shadowhunters didn’t had the “inspired by cc books” bc they still maintained many of the plot lines while usually the ones that are only inspired don’t follow a single thing from the sources. i give you the example of the show “haven” that was inspired by the book “The Colorado Kid” by Stephen King

    July 6, 2022
  • the comments are full of bookstans. god
    we dont care that the show is not the same as the book. clace’s storyline is boring af (and that is one of the reasons the movie flopped bc it focus too much on them) and it have a lot problematic stuff that tho the show softened it up a bit, i wished they had gotten rid completely of the whole incest plotline (not only with jace but with sebastion/jonathan)
    malec in TMI is also problematic and they dont even appear that much

    July 6, 2022
  • So, I’ve just binge-watched inside a month all the episodes on Netflix of “the Shadowhunters” from start to finish and enjoyed them for what they were – good, well produced entertainment. OK there had to be fight scenes in every episode to please some fans, while other fans could like the quirky dialogue or enjoy the sets. Don’t forget that Netflix streams in a host of countries around the world, so it’s not just American audiences that have to be pandered to.
    The TV series is far better than the film for many reasons, including time to tell the full story and the casting.

    I would support fan pressure for a series 4, but the script writing and storytelling will have to be bang up to the mark because the plotlines would go outside the source book material. And more time given to develop the minor characters. Solid finance is important – but I believe the cast members will respond to recall.

    When Netflix rescued “Lucifer” and produced 2 more original series, the quality of each episode went soaring up. Let’s hope the same could be done for “Shadowhunters” if the fans are patient.

    September 21, 2022

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