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How Tucker Carlson is spilling all the truth beans on Twitter

Let’s examine Bryan Freedman, the attorney representing Fox News hosts Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson in their blockbuster ouster from their respective cable networks. Beyond that, it appears there’s even more legal trouble for the outspoken reporters. Luckily for them, they have the cash to call on a trusty lawyer to get them out of it. Both reporters have taken to Twitter to share their side of the story and people are talking! 

Let’s take a closer look at who they are both calling to save their day: Bryan Freedman.

The trouble

First stop: Tucker Carlson. In April 2023, Carlson made headlines for several reasons. Fox News fired him. Carlson, the network’s top prime-time host, left. Dominion Voting Systems sued him for his 2020 presidential election coverage, which may have contributed to his departure.

After 17 years with CNN, Don Lemon was let go on April 24, 2023. This decision was made after hearing accounts of his inappropriate behavior toward female employees and sexist comments made while on air. Since November 2022, Lemon had been co-hosting CNN This Morning. He announced his dismissal in a social media post. His dismissal from CNN had been reported for at least an hour before he made the post.

There has been a range of reactions to the decision to fire Don Lemon. Former President Trump celebrated the firing, while Al Sharpton and the National Action Network demanded an explanation from CNN. After the news broke, rapper Rick Ross joked that he could get Lemon a job at one of the Wingstop restaurants his family owns.

Last week’s reported contributing factor in Lemon’s dismissal was their contentious debate on CNN This Morning between Lemon and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. Before being fired, Lemon was briefly taken off the air in February after comments about Nikki Haley, amid misogyny allegations.

Twitter has been aflame with both praise and criticism for how both reporters conducted themselves in light of the firings. Twitter boss himself Elon Musk has yet to share too many opinions on the matter, yet it appears the right wing of Twitter is increasingly becoming his safer place.

The lawyer

Bryan Freedman, a Los Angeles entertainment attorney, has defended celebrities for over 20 years. He founded and is a partner at Freedman + Taitelman, LLP, a top entertainment law firm.

Freedman represented Tucker Carlson in a Smartmatic defamation lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, Carlson falsely accused Smartmatic of rigging the 2020 presidential election. Freedman staunchly defends Carlson, arguing that his client’s remarks were First Amendment-protected and not malicious.

Along with Carlson, Freedman is defending CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight host Don Lemon in a lawsuit filed by a former bartender who claims Lemon assaulted him in a Hamptons bar in 2018. Freedman denied the claims and accused the plaintiff of attention- and money-seeking.

Polarizing men

We must remember that beyond all of this, well-known media figures like Carlson and Lemon operate in different ways. Conservative reporter Carlson has been called out for allegedly promoting extreme right-wing views. Lemon’s more liberal approach to covering social justice has been praised.

Freedman has been criticized for defending these famous clients. Freedman has been criticized for his aggressive tactics and for helping powerful people avoid responsibility. Others have praised Freedman for his legal expertise and willingness to take on difficult cases.

Freedman is a major player in entertainment law, regardless of opinion. His experience and success make him the go-to attorney for famous clients. As Carlson and Lemon’s legal disputes continue, it will be interesting to see how Freedman’s representation of these contentious individuals will affect his legal legacy.

Freedman’s work also raises larger questions about lawyers’ roles in society, particularly when defending unpopular or demonized clients. Some may argue that everyone deserves a zealous defense regardless of the accusations against them, but others may argue that attorneys must weigh the moral implications of taking on particular clients.

The reality

Beyond all of this chatter, how does this information affect you? This particular story reminds us that the media is constantly changing and that we must keep up. Carlson’s departure from Fox News affects cable news regardless of your political views. Lemon’s Smartmatic lawsuit coverage also reminds us that the press must report truthfully and impartially. Whether you take to Twitter or Instagram, your voice still clearly matters.

No matter what happens, we encourage you to stay informed and engaged in their issues. Knowledge is power, whether it’s watching cable news hosts or learning about political issues that affect our daily lives.


What do you think will become of the two reporters? Let us know in the comments!

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