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Oh, Tucker Carlson, why do you have to be you? Check out these amazing memes that highlight Carlson's COVID-19 hot takes. You'll die!

Tucker Carlson rages about COVID: See Twitter’s best meme reactions

Tucker Carlson is trending on Twitter today, it’s surprising the tweets aren’t coming in even more droves than they already are.

Tucker Carlson went on Fox News last night, as he’s known to do, and said some, well, interesting things. The political commentator had a lot to say about COVID-19 vaccine passports, and equated their use to a new era of “medical Jim Crow” in the U.S., as the cringe-o-meter went off the charts like never before.

Twitter had lots to say about Tucker Carlson and his recent thoughts since they dropped on Fox last night, but users had even more to say about Carlson’s slip up when it appeared he was about to say that segregation in the U.S. was one of the best (and not worst) things to happen in American history. Oh boy, Tucker – this is quite the boner, even for you. Let’s see what Twitter had to say about Tucker’s spirited session on the air.


Twitter started off responding to the viral clip of Tucker Carlson saying “segregation was the – worst thing this country ever did” after pursing his lips into a “b” shape after “the” with some simple gifs. As this gif shows, it doesn’t look great for you, Tucker.

This gif reaction to the viral Tucker Carlson clip presents the eye roll we’re all ready to feel when Tucker inevitably defends his actions from the video. Whatever you say, Tucker.

This Jason Lee reaction gif captures just how everyone felt when they first saw Carlson in the trending clip – he almost said it!


Others got a little more creative on Twitter after they saw Tucker’s recent moment. This image reaction pinpoints the moment everyone’s talking about on Twitter.

This reaction to the Tucker Carlson clip keeps things simple. Ya did a racism, Tucker.

This reaction using a Liar Liar clip seems to have more sympathy for Tucker Carlson than most on Twitter. The gif seems to say, “we all get mixed up sometimes”. Sure, Tucker, that’s got to be it.

Medical Jim Crow

As if Tucker Carlson’s slip of the tongue wasn’t enough to get him trending, Tucker Carlson also told audiences Medical Jim Crow has come to America (SMDH). As this reaction shows, Twitter had plenty to say.

Plenty of users took the proverbial gloves off to put in their two cents on Carlson’s words last night. This user certainly didn’t hold back!

Other Twitter users didn’t need to get creative to tell old Tucker what they think. This one cuts right to the chase.

Finally, this no-frills Happy Gilmore reaction to Carlson’s rant last night keeps things as simple as possible. Yes, Tucker, you have some haters.

What are your thoughts on Tucker Carlson’s latest rant? Let us know in the comments below!

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