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Ryan Murphy does his best work in a single season. Here are all the reasons why you should watch Ryan Murphy's 'Hollywood'.

‘Hollywood’: Why to watch Ryan Murphy’s greatest triumph

Ryan Murphy does his best work in a single season. The first season of Glee, the anthology format that he helped popularize, American Crime Story, the super-producer is at his best when there’s just a single story to tell from start to finish. Hollywood, a limited alternate reality series on Netflix, is his latest show of this talent, but it has been divisive, to say the least.

Hollywood’s golden age had a lot of glamour, but was also marred by sexism, racism, corruption. A lot of critics of the series believe that Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood doesn’t spend enough time examining such things, meditating on it, going for a less magical sort of Hollywood ending. While some of their criticisms are valid because no media is without flaw, there is good in Hollywood as well. 

So if those critiques have put you off watching it, then here are a couple reasons why you should give it a shot. 

A better world

Hollywood is an alternate history series: one where Rock Hudson can kiss his African-American boyfriend on the red carpet and white supremacists can be stopped with the power of a movie. While it does touch on the difficulties of life at the time, Hollywood also just kind of wraps things up nicely with a bow at the end.

But at the heart of it, Hollywood does have a good intention in the story that it tells. It wants to show that maybe a story can change minds and hearts, maybe the world can be made better so easily. While your brain probably scoffs at a concept, the heart is another matter entirely. Hollywood wants to give you that happy ending that the world never got in real life. And is it so bad to see that here?

Stylistic heaven

One thing that unites all Ryan Murphy series is that they all have their own unique and vibrant style. From the candy-coated color palette of Glee to the iconic witches look in American Horror Story, you can tell a Ryan Murphy series by its own style. Hollywood delves into yesteryear’s glamour and oh it is dazzling.

Gorgeous costumes, beautiful make-up, stylish shots to make you drool, if you love stylish shows, then Hollywood is the series for you. We’re more than willing to bet on some kind of recognition for the costuming in the series.

The cast is perfect

Ryan Murphy has the power to get some of the best actors in the business (as well as the best new talent) to come join his series. Hollywood is no exception with a stellar cast from newcomer Jeremy Pope to Patti freaking LuPone. They all play their roles masterfully from those as new characters to stars stepping into the shoes of some big names. 

Hollywood wouldn’t work as well without the cast to guide it. For whatever flaws there are in the story or logic, there’s the cast who all inhabit their roles utterly. From Jim Parsons as Rock Hudson’s asshole agent to Lauren Harrier and Darren Criss’ sweet romance, Hollywood uses its cast very well and masterfully. 

It’s just a great watch

Ask anyone who has been following Ryan Murphy’s series for years, they will talk to you about the frustration that comes with it. Hollywood, however, is a triumph in that the majority of fans just seem to enjoy it. It’s a great watch, captivating and keeping their attention all the way through. 

Are their issues with Hollywood? Sure, but that’s another article. For those fans, however, watching Hollywood was just great. They enjoyed it. That simple enjoyment during these times should mean something.

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